From my Hart: Essential Oils

There was a time where essential oils were everywhere you looked, it was like LuLaRoe. Every time I got on Facebook I was scrolling past another essential oil group. I was not phased. There was no way, that I was going to pay $25 for a tiny bottle of oil that would apparently do wondrous things. However, my Mom did….

I am telling you, as a straight shooter, these are no joke…believe the hype! My Mom was wise and eased me into it; she would use oils around the house, or at work, and would fill me in on how they worked. Then one night, she hooked up her diffuser in my room and set me up with a concoction that claimed to help me sleep. I’ll be damned if I didn’t pass out immediately nor toss or turn all night. That’s all it took for me to believe!

Now, almost a year later, I’ve gifted about seven diffusers, with oils, to some of my closest friends and family; all have happily fallen in love with the oils. I follow doTERRA, one of the leading essential oil companies, on Instagram and Pinterest for new uses, blends, and products. I’m constantly trying out oils for cleaning, ailments, mood enhancers, you name it- I guarantee there is an oil for it.

What I use:

One of my favorite books on the subject is The Complete Aromatherapy & Essential Oils handbook for everyday welness by Nerys Purchon and Lora Cantele. I’ve included a link here, so you can grab a copy for yourself off Amazon if you wish: The Complete Essential Oil Handbook.IMG_4684

What I love about this book is that it not only breaks down the uses of each oil, but it also shows you which oils to use and how to use them based off your need. Did I mention this is not a text book and that it is more like a manual? Everything is in alphabetical order which makes finding the oil, or need, super easy!

I’ve mentioned that I follow doTERRA on social media, but there is also Young Living, which is another company that offers all things essential oil. My limited understanding of the difference between the two companies is that of price. I’ve heard rumors that the companies were once one, and that one owns the farms where the oils are harvested versus the other not, but I have not been able to confirm any of that information. I’ve also included the link to both companies here for you: doTERRA Essential Oils & Young Living Essential Oils.

You can find essential oils in local stores and online. A word of caution: make sure it is 100% pure essential oil. A lot of cheaper options are filled with perfume and other nasty ingredients. I have had luck buying oils off Amazon, but I take my time in doing research first, making sure that I am buying 100% pure essential oil. The great thing about ordering directly from an essential oil company, is that you can get points, or create a reward system that will give you greater discounts and opportunities, while knowing you are getting the most pure oils.

Quick Tip:

A little goes a long way with essential oils! I tend to be heavy handed, and didn’t understand how only 3-4 drops of an oil, in the water-filled well of my diffuser, would permeate the room or do any good. Oops- learn from me, listen to the manual. 3-4 drops is plenty enough!

How I’ve used them:

I tend to get migraines, and let me preach to you about the joys of peppermint oil. I will either place peppermint in my diffuser, or if I’m in a pinch, touch my finger to the bottle (where the oil comes out) and place it directly onto my temples. I’ve even placed a drop or two onto a cold damp rag and laid it over my eyes. How this works, I don’t know & don’t really care, because it does! I get light, sound and smell sensitives during mirages, and peppermint oil does the trick!

Straight from my IG story!

If I’ve got a paper to write, or a list of tasks to complete, I’ll head to my diffuser first to set the mood. I will use 3-4 drops of grapefruit, sweet orange and peppermint to help me focus. Trust me- it works!

For a restful night’s sleep, lavender and frankincense are my favorite to blend in my diffuser.

I often add melaleuca, or tea tree oil, to any blend when I want to ward off germs. I also use doTERRA’s On Guard blend religiously during flu season and the winter months. It comes in both a liquid version, which I will add to any blend in my diffuser, and it also comes in tiny capsules that can be taken like pills. The capsules are smaller than peas, I mean tiny!

If I’m feeling stuffy, I will add a few drops of eucalyptus to a damp towel and throw it in the corner of the shower away from the water. This really opens my sinuses and permeates well from the steam in the shower.

For sore muscles, I use a few drops doTERRA’s Deep Blue blend, mixed into some coconut oil, and massage right into the muscle for relief.

My boyfriend has colitis, and he has taken a shot of doTERRA’s DigestZen, a few drops mixed in water, to help ease the pain and tummy troubles.

To clean, I just drop some lemon into a squirt bottle with vinegar and go to town!

Here is the link to the diffuser I have and have gifted: Diffuser: Amazon

Other tips:

There are blends that you can buy already created for you, right from doTERRA or Young Living, as I’ve mentioned above. This makes life super easy!


I could keep going on about how much I love and use essential oils…the uses are endless! I find it fun learning new ways to use my oils daily to help with any situation & I encourage you to buy some oils, try them out and share your thoughts! I would also love to hear any essential oil success stories, or innovative ways you’ve used essential oils!

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