From my Hart: Work Situation

I have always been fairly open about my life- sharing things with the hope that my experiences help others. Two things are rather taboo for me to discuss however: I don’t talk about finances and I don’t discuss medical items. (For those who have been following me for some time, I categorize my breast augmentation as self esteem, rather than medical- although its purpose was to correct something medical)

Living with another person, you learn these taboo topics must be discussed. My boyfriend is my partner and we must share in things together and walk the path as one. He is currently helping me open up more about these taboo topics, and is the one who initially told me to write this post.

As you can image, I would categorize “work” under the financial taboo category. My goal in sharing this post is three-fold: to break a stigma, to help others & to free myself. So let’s dive right in!

email-flat-icon-png-26In February of this year I left a stable job in Towson for an exciting new opportunity closer to home. The job would begin as a part-time contractor position, and would move into full-time staff when the work began to flow in. I would be the company’s marketing coordinator, which is within the focus of my undergraduate degree.

Quickly, the position moved into full-time, and I was so eager for it! I felt that all of the stars had aligned and I found a career, not just a job. I loved going to work each day, I loved the work I was doing, I loved the clients and the small group that made up the company.

Drastically, everything that I loved about this career/job shifted not too long before I left for our annual family vacation. In fact, I spend the first day of vacation in my room with a migraine, crying over what to do about the situation when I got home. I have bills to pay, and was about to begin another semester of graduate school. I was putting immense pressure on myself to figure it out.

As always, my family was there to each offer their own council. I was able to release the stress and enjoy my vacation, sound in the decision that I would put in my two weeks notice on the Monday of my return. One resounding factor became clear: I am young, there is no reason for me to be so unhappy at this stage in my life with a career/job.

God intervened once again, and on Monday when I returned, the company told me I was going to be let go for financial reasons. It was a shock, but finally shed some light on the recent dynamic shift within the company. Thankfully, I was prepared and handed over my two-weeks notice anyway, cleaned my desk, and left amicability. The company, and I, were relieved.

I have connections and was able to find a part time job immediately. I chose to put graduate school on hold for the semester to cut myself some more financial freedom, and am in the process of interviewing for another part time job. Of course, I am still applying to what others may consider “real jobs.” line: I’m enjoying this season. I love being able to blog daily, run errands for my family, work part time helping others, and spend some time soul searching. Of course, being of a type-a personality, there have been moments when I think “what am I doing, I’m losing my mind.” In fact- one of my dearest friends told me the other day “honey if this is you being reckless, then I don’t want to know what rock bottom looks like!”

She’s right! I’ve got two part time jobs on the horizon, I’m saving my money, paying my bills, and pursing my dreams and happiness! By giving into the stigma that working a 9-5 job meant I was successful, I was drowning myself. A job does not define me as a person-there is nothing wrong with what I’m doing. After all, my happiness is all that matters.

This doesn’t mean that if a 9-5 job comes along that I would not take it. I most certainly would! I want to find a job that I can apply myself to, and one that will in-turn, take care of me.

Moreover, I want to share that the judgment we cast on others for not working a traditional work week needs to end. There are plenty of people who work part-time hours and cover their bills and then some! As long as the person is comfortable and happy, that is all that matters.

It’s scary at times, but I know the right job will present itself at the right time. I am more than capable of navigating these waters! I am taking the time to take care of myself (financially and emotionally), and enjoy this season of life!

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