From my Hart: Room Organization

As I’ve alluded to before, and as you will see in my About Me section, I live with my boyfriend. He is originally from southern Maryland, about two hours away, and was offered a job near me.

A challenge for us has been merging his and hers into ours. This post is going to be a compilation of some of the things we have done to help make the bedroom a space for both of our things. Let’s dive right in!

The Closet:

IMG_4679I don’t have a lot of clothes. My boyfriend on the other hand, has tons: I mean more shoes than I ever thought was possible, tons of hats, and now that he is working sales/retail, dress clothes galore.

My closet, is tiny, so we had to maximize space! We placed my Ikea four cube shelf in the center of the closet, and filled it with bins. The bins hold my pants/shorts, our sweatshirts, his socks/underwear & my skirts. You can find that here.

The next item we utilized was a sweater organizer. We got ours at the Dollar General, but it can also be found at Walmart or Target. Because one of us has so many shoes (cough cough-he does) we opted to use this to hold some of the shoes!IMG_4678

We also used a metal rack, that can be found at Walmart or Target, that my Dad was going to toss! FREE YA’LL, I love free. That fit nicely into one corner and we used it to house, you guessed it- shoes. We also added a milk crate on the bottom of this wire rack to act as our junk drawer, and it holds items like our essential oils, screw driver, etc.

As a finishing touch, my boyfriend added curtains, held up by a tension rod, to act as our closet doors. We have the ability to close the curtains if we wish, but leave them open most of the time. He used command hooks to hold the curtain holders/tie backs, to the wall.IMG_4677

His End Table:

I happened to have a two drawer metal filing cabinet in my room that we initially wanted to use by the door. When this didn’t fit, we placed it on his side of the bed as an end table and loved it!

The bottom drawer is functioning as a traditional filing cabinet: I’ve organized all our of papers with hanging folders and labels. The top drawer holds more of our random items, headphones, extra chargers, command hooks, etc. Because the file cabinet is longer, we were able to fit a coaster on it, a lamp, and still have room for his laptop and other items.

Extra Storage:

I love me some HomeGoods ya’ll. I was able to find this adorable three hanging-bin item for $30. Because our room is already so white, I picked one up in a light gray. The bins hold some gifts, my office (pens, paper clips, glasses, charger, notebooks), & my boyfriends baseballs and gloves.

Because the bins hang vertically, it has such a small footprint, and doesn’t take up much room at all! My only complaint is that I didn’t get more than one!

Under the Bed:


Don’t forget to utilize the extra space under the bed! We got an under the bed organizer from Walmart, and filled it with… shoes! Yes, you can see those are my shoes, so I guess I’ll accept some responsibility for the shoe crisis we face.

This is perfect for seasonal shoes! We also have my dress shoes, heels/etc, in the organizer because I don’t wear them daily. I call it the forget-about-it-storage, because we can fill it and forget-about-it until we need something from it.


I won’t show you the inside, because those drawers are a work-in-progress. However, one of the best items I purchased were these drawer organizers from Amazon. The price is unbeatable for all four items, and I love how much they help keep my socks, underwear and bras organized!

If you need furniture distressed, I’ve got the woman for you! She took my Great Grandmothers dresser and gave it new life!

Other Tips:

Purge. Both my boyfriend and I took the time to purge, or toss, items. We did this in two steps: as we were packing, and then again when we unpacked. We donated bags and bags of clothes, and truly only have the necessities. Yes, I know, the amount of shoes are a work in progress haha!

Bins. We love using bins in our Ikea cube, and also at the top of our closet to hold hats, scarves, and leggins. It’s great to easily grab items when they are organized, without having to stare at a mound of leggins or hats.

Command Hooks. We have two command hooks on the back of our bedroom door to hold our bathrobes. I love that they are easy to reach, but out of eyesight, and if we ever change our mind, we can easily remove the command hooks! We actually have command hooks holding up all of our wall decor, even our mirror.

Work in Progress:


Our room is very much a work in progress. We are always looking to find new ways to stay organized and help keep our room livable. I would love to hear some ways you organize your rooms/homes, and I hope this helps spark some organizational ideas for your own space!


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