From my Hart: Cunningham’s

The Weekday Prix Fixe Menu can be more cost effective, or enjoyed with a wine paring for each course

Food is everything to me. My day resolves around eating and I find relaxation in cooking and enjoying a wonderful meal. Planning a vacation, even to Disney World, includes extensive research about which restaurants to try. The perfect date night for my boyfriend and I is obviously, enjoying a wonderfully prepared meal.

Nothing makes a Monday, less Monday-like, than getting a surprise text with dinner plans to one of our favorite places: Cunningham’s. In Baltimore, the Bagby Restaurant Group churns our excellent dishes at their award winning restaurants. I’ve had the pleasure of dinning at three of their restaurants, and have watched/worked with some of their chefs as they participated in raising funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

My first experience at the then new, flashback to 2013, Towson restaurant was for a work meeting: I was hooked. The atmosphere is chic but enjoyable, and the food is farm-to-table, but elevated.

I’m dying to share with you our experience, so let’s get right to it!

Drinks & Appetizers

As always, Cunningham’s always brings fresh bread to the table: they have a bakery and cafe that is open during the day, and their farm is in Cockeysville, MD. For our cocktails, my boyfriend enjoyed a mule and I, the moscato.

Milla’s Mule: vodka, strawberry honey, yellow chartreuse, lavender, ginger beer

Milla’s Mule was exceptional. The flavors were earthy, almost herb-like, with the ginger popping through at the end. I’m so sad I didn’t order one, it’s the best mule I’ve ever tried. My boyfriend enjoyed it throughout the meal.

I’ve got to comment on the copper mug, it was chilled to perfection and so rustic! Usually, a shiny round copper mug is presented, but Cunningham’s serves their mule in a mug that really adds earth to table.

My moscato was divine, I love a good sweet wine! Their wine list comes on the iPad for your visual pleasure. I love being able to explore wines by the region, for the season, country, etc. You can gander at their wine list here: Cunninghams Wine List.

IMG_4908I chose a moscato by the glass. Phielo label Moscato by the Virginia based Barboursville vineyard. It was crisp yet sweet. I love being able to enjoy a glass of sweet wine without it being so overbearingly sweet, that I feel like I cannot enjoy savory dishes.

I certainly will be adding this bottle to my collection. It was a beautiful addition to our meal on this September evening.

For appetizers, we each fed our cravings. I love beets- I cannot get enough of them! So I ordered the beet salad, something I have had before at Cunningham’s. What I love most about Cunningham’s, is that because they are farm-to-table, and seasonal, dishes change! The beet salad came out completely different than the last time I had it.

Resting on a bed of greens were delicious cold beets, accompanied by pumpkin seeds, feta cheese, radishes, a walnut vinaigrette and orange slices for a pop! Lord help me, I had to force myself to stop and breathe- it was so incredibly good! Exceptional is the only word to describe it.

My boyfriend got a wedge salad which had warm bacon, and blue cheese on it. It also comes with cherry tomatoes, but he has a dislike for them, so he ordered the salad without. He said the warm bacon was a wonderful addition to the crisp iceberg! All around delicious!


Main Course:

Best chixI love chicken and waffles, so when I saw that it was on the menu, my mind was made up. The savory waffle was filled with cheddar and green onions, and the warm friend chicken was ultra crunchy. The skin cracked as I cut into it, and the inside was so juicy, it made my mouth water! The warm charred hickory syrup I doused over the entire plate, was the perfect addition to the pork

My boyfriend enjoyed the Berkshire pork short loin. We both were unaware that this cut is basically a pork chop. There is nothing wrong with this, but having just made a full loin a few weeks ago for dinner, we were surprised. It was huge: the pork was fresh off the farm! The pork was cooked in a bacon lacquer, whew yes, and came with a cheddar mac and cheese topped with sliced jalapeños.

Dessert & After Dinner Drinks

best tbWe were all about feeding our food cravings this evening. Even though cappuccinos are for mornings, my boyfriend indulged in a delicious cappuccino. As a coffee addict, I am always trying to introduce coffee to him; this was completely his idea and I couldn’t have been more excited for him- he loved it.

I avoid caffeine after 3 p.m., or I will be up all night, so I enjoyed a delectable vanilla rooibos tea. It was warm in flavor and robust, slightly sweet, but very comforting. My boyfriend even astounded at how delectable it me

We each finished off the meal with our own servings of the devil’s food cake. This was served with toasted marshmallow, coffee ginache, and an icy milk sorbet. I kept detecting hints of salted caramel, while my boyfriend really picked up on the coffee from the ginache. My only downside is that I wish the cake was bigger! I kept scooping the toasted marshmallow up with each bite of cake- it was delicious!best dessert


IMG_489910/10 every time! If you haven’t made the trip to downtown Towson to enjoy Cunningham’s- make a reservation right now! If you want to take a couple with you, my boyfriend and I are always down to double at Cunningham’s. You can even swing by an enjoy just a cocktail at their bar or outside on their terrace. For us, it will always be a full meal inside that captures our hearts.


The feature image for this blog post is from Cunningham’s website and can be found here, among various other incredible pictures of their food & restaurant. All other images were taken by myself and my boyfriend.

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