From my Hart: Bubble Face Mask

I’m a sucker for a deal, so when I passed a display in Walmart that said two-for-$5 Face Masks, I was down! I grabbed two of the charcoal bubble masks because I’ve seen a lot on social media about both charcoal and bubble masks.

I have extremely sensitive skin so I was comfortable with getting two masks for such a cheap price. Usually, the mask’s are higher in price and with a lot more quantity, and I have a hard time using it all, because… I have such sensitive skin.


I love the packaging of this product! I am all for the more modern marketing that errs to the side of simplistic. I think the black and green colors complement each other very well. The font choice with limited text and a few icons is aesthetically pleasing.

There is only enough for one mask in each package, so I was pleased to use this opportunity as a test run! Initially, I purchased these for my boyfriend and I, but he was not thrilled, and left them for me.


I read the directions on the back of the packaging and got to work! After washing my face and drying it, I took the package in my hands and moved my hands from top to bottom in a sweeping motion. I assume this was to get all of the product together at the bottom.

Then I placed a thin layer on my face, avoiding the eyes and my mouth. Almost instantly bubbles began to form! I was so excited. I did this mask the follow night, and applied the mask in a thicker layer, which did not bubble as fast.

IMG_4805I was not a fan of the feeling the bubbles caused. The mask was reacting, and I could feel all of the hundred tiny bubbles on my face. The best thing I could relate it to, was an itch. As the bubbles formed, I then took my damp fingers, and massaged the mask in an upward motion.

After doing this three or four times, I washed the mask off. My face instantly felt dry, and I used my regular face lotion on my skin to help reintroduce moisture to my skin. Currently I am using Kihel’s Ultra Face Cream, which I love! PS- this face cream is really rich, and will make my skin oily if I use too much. I only use a few tiny dabs and it covers my entire face!


IMG_4806I will say, the morning after trying this, I noticed new blemishes on my face. It could have been a coincidence, or it could have been the mask drawing out the yuck from my skin. Also, putting lotion on your face afterwards is a must do, at least for me! My face felt super dry after each use of this mask.

Overall, for $5, it was a good mask; it was fun to grab something new and give it a whirl! I would certainly try other mask’s from this company & next time I think it will grab two different ones to maximize on variety! Cheers & happy experimenting!


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