From my Hart: Fall Room Updates

Happy Fall Y’all!

Today is the first official day of fall! While we are still having summer-like weather, thank you Jesus, I can finally give in and allow myself to decorate for the season.

This should be no surprise, but I went to HomeGoods. There were so many wonderful things I wanted to buy! As an October baby, I feel some sense of belonging among the autumn colors and decor.

I had a set budget for $40, and because I was only going to decorate our bedroom, I felt this was a good place to start! Let’s see what I got:



This is not necessarily fall, but I needed to get more storage for the entrance of our room. My boyfriend has quite the collection of sunglasses/glasses and watches. I wanted to give him a space just for these items, instead of losing them in the mix of lotions and car keys on our dresser.

I love the exposed iron look, it adds a rustic feel (read fall feel)! I fixed this to the wall with some command hooks, and placed my boyfriends watch, glasses and sunglasses inside. This storage item was $5.99! I think it looks so good with the rest of our items.

Peep that orange runner I made from clearance place mats from HomeGoods! Nod to fall.

Window Additions:

IMG_5046I also love milk jugs, so when I saw this fall arrangement in a mini glass milk jug, I grabbed it! This too was only $5.99 and features two golden sun flowers and a pumpkin. It’s important to add height in decor, and I was dying to add some more floral touches to our space.

It is fall so I had to get a yummy candle & I snatched this one for $7.99! Our room is mostly white, so I loved that the jar was short and white, with a brown lid; it fit in so nicely. I also loved that it has Thankful written across it that is flanked by two swooping fall flower details! The scent is… Pumpkin Spice & not overwhelming at all!

Scented side note: I am pumping our room with fall inspired scents from our essential oil diffuser when the candle is not lit. You can read all about essential oils here: From my Hart: Essential Oils. Currently, I have a blend of cinnamon bark and patchouli dark. This not only smells extremely fall-like, but also has emotional grounding and health promoting benefits. I will also add in tea tree oil or doterra’s On Guard blend, to ward off any fall sickness/germs.

best cluster


IMG_5045There were so many incredible signs at HomeGoods it was hard to pick! I kept my budget, and space, in mind and opted for two block signs. For my boyfriends side of the bed, I grabbed a black and white bacon sign. I wanted to add a manly touch, and considered this fall because black and white are typical Halloween colors… a stretch I know, but its so cute! Only $4.99.

I traded out my pink and flowered pineapple box with an orange Thankful Grateful Blessed sign for my side of the bed. This was only $6.99, and helps anchor my side of the room. Not to mention the saying is right on and a great reminder to see when I wake up!img_5042.jpg

FullSizeRender 2Bonus:

I purchased this clear frame from Home Goods a while ago and I alternate pictures or prints accordingly. Pinterest has a ton of free printables for every occasion, and I snagged this one from Chrissy’s blog/Pinterest post.

This frame is still in circulation at HomeGoods. I think it was around $7 when I bought it. I love to add a subtle nod to the holiday/season by changing up the print. It’s a super simple decor idea that is great for any room.

Final thoughts:

All of my items, under $35. Happy Fall Y’all!

Overall, there are a ton of items I left behind that I would love to get. El dia de los Muertos, the day of the dead, is one of my favorite holidays and celebrations! The amount of sugar skull items HomeGoods had was incredible. I also found some giant outdoor pumpkins ($40) and other larger signs, that I think would be perfect for a dining room or living room. Not to mention all of the wonderful wreaths and other spook-tacular items!

Alas, one room at a time. I was able to stay under budget at $33.87, with tax! Now that the items I purchased all have a home, you just might just see me back at the local HomeGoods ready to add more and decorate other rooms.

Happy Fall & happy decorating!

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