From my Hart: Engagement/Shower Gift Tips

I’m often asked questions about all things wedding related. I love planning weddings, and love seeing two people join together! This month, I have the pleasure of attending an engagement party and a bridal shower.

One of my sister’s calls me her “go-to” for all things wedding related. That is where this post stems from! She, as well as a few other friends, have been asking me questions about a bridal shower versus an engagement party, and I thought it would be helpful to drop some of my favorite gift ideas here for ya’ll!

Engagement Party

Engagement parties do not have to take place, unlike a bridal shower. I personally love the idea! Traditionally, the brides parents hosts the engagement party, but more modern couples are hosting it themselves.

Gifts are not mandatory, and often the couple will state “no gifts” to help remove the pressure. Engagement party gifts are smaller in comparison to bridal shower gifts. I’ve included some of my favorite gifts to give newly engaged couples below:

Ring Dish:

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 2.24.33 PM
Kate Spade Ring Holder

I have personally gifted ring dishes on many occasions. I’ve done traditional crystal ring dishes, monogrammed ring dishes, and even one that reflected the bride-to-be’s hobby, a resting deer whose antlers holds rings.

I think this is a wonderful gift because at some point throughout the day, doing dishes, showering, crafting, gardening, the bride-to-be is going to take her ring off, and by gifting a ring dish/holder, you are providing that ring safe keeping.

Bling Wipes:

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 2.30.00 PMI found bling wipes, while interning at a local Bridal Collective. These wipes help keep the bride-to-be’s ring full of sparkle between cleanings! It comes in a pack of 10, and are small enough for the bride-to-be to keep in her purse or car!


Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 2.37.28 PMAnother great gift is something bubbly for the newly engaged couple to share! I love gifting Verdi champagne, it won’t break the bank and tastes delicious! Another great idea is to gift the bride-to-be and her groom, each with their favorite beverage.

You can get crafty and glitter the bottle for the bride-to-be, or find some stickers to help turn ordinary bottles of booze into something celebratory! I’ve found some stickers on Amazon and have included the link here. This is a great way to include the groom, who often gets left out.

Gift Cards:

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 2.59.50 PMAnother simple way to show the couple your congratulations are gift cards. I love gifting a manicure for the bride-to-be or finding the couples favorite spot, and treating them to a meal.

Bridal Shower


The bridal shower is a month or so away from the couple’s big day! By this time, the couple have taken the time to register for any items they may need to build their life together. This is extremely helpful for gift givers. Make sure you check out the couples registry for their gift needs.

If you are a friend of mine who has gotten married, you know I always give something off the registry. I love to add a personal touch to the mounds of pre-selected gifts; so that is what I have highlighted here!


For privacy reasons I have blocked the date and location of this wedding

My number one gift to give at a bridal shower is the wedding invitation. Every single friend of mine who has gotten married, received their wedding invitation from me as a shower gift. So spoiler: friends this is my go-to-gift! Someone did this for my Mom when she got married, and I fell in love!

I love giving it, and I love watching the bride-to-be’s reaction when she see’s her invitation framed. It’s a wonderful reminder for the couple of their wedding day. All of my married friends, still have their framed invitations on display in their homes today.

Thank You Cards:

I always give a pack of Thank You Cards at showers. Often, the bride-to-be is not thinking of sending out thank you cards until after the shower. This helps her out and gives her one less thing to worry about.

Honey Money:

I love the idea of buying excursions for the happy couple. Check with the couple to see if they plan to do any tours or site-seeing while on their honeymoon. If they are, give them some money, or better yet, buy the excursion for them! There are aps and websites, to help couples accept donations for their honeymoon, but if your couple has not set this up, gift them the money honey! I found an article by The Knot, which details a few Honeymoon registry options.

I understand that some people may feel gifting money to be tacky. To that I say spice up the gift! If the couple is going to a beach or island for their honeymoon, grab a pale from the dollar store, and fill it will bills, or a check! Gift the couple some sun tan lotion, or Mr. & Mrs. beach towels with a check. Get creative about gifting money for a specific purpose.

Have fun!

Celebrate your friendship and always keep the couple in mind when gifting! As always, I am curious your thoughts. If you are married, I would love to hear your favorite wedding gift!

Happy gifting!

One thought on “From my Hart: Engagement/Shower Gift Tips”

  1. My favorite wedding shower gift is similar to your idea about jazzing up honeymoon money. I love buying one or two things on their registry and making a theme basket out of it. A wine-loving friend had a fancy wine opener set and a trivet they could fill with special corks on her registry. I paired them with a bottle of local wine, some wine glass charms, etc. in a basket for a cute gift.


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