From my Hart: FROCKTOBER

I’ve made mention before, but my love for blogging came from an amazing professor in college, Steph Verni, of Steph’s Scribe. Professor Verni introduced blogging to us during a travel writing course, in which we had to take a two day vacation in Maryland, and post our experiences on our class blog: More Than Maryland. How cool is that?!

Last year, Steph took part in a FROCKTOBER Challenge, in which she posted 31 days of outfits to Instagram, and posted a Friday-recap on her blog. I read her Gearing Up for FROCKTOBER post, and seriously contemplated joining in. It wasn’t until she tagged me in the challenge on Facebook that I got the push I needed to commit!

What is happening?

Follow me on Instagram if you are not already; I have my Instagram feed linked to my blog’s home page, so you can view all of my FROCKTOBER posts easily. Each day, I will be posting my outfit to Instagram, with a Friday blog recap of that weeks outfits! Keep an eye out for the #FROCKTOBER hashtag, and feel free to join in!

Why is this a challenge?

gold_26Dressing myself is always a challenge; I would wear my pajamas all day long if I could get away with it. When I’m asked to explain my style, I say “effortless comfort!” Luckily, my boyfriend and Mom both love to scooch me out of my comfort zone with clothes, and always suggest clothes that I would never pick out for myself.

I envy those who can put on a great outfit and rock it! This FROCKTOBER challenge will give me the opportunity to really step up in the world of fashion and take pride in my ensemble each day!

October plans:

I have so many exciting things happening in October, which culminates perfectly with this challenge. I have my golden birthday this month, which is when you turn the age of the day you were born! I will turn 26 on the 26th and am so excited!

I also have Halloween parties, weddings, events, career opportunities and so much more happening this next month, which will push me to look my best. This challenge will also be a great way to help commemorate all that happens in October of 2017.

Small disclaimer:

I am unfortunately, not going to be able to commit to posts the week of October 3rd. I am having a small out patient procedure, on October 3rd and will be out of commission for five days. Don’t worry, all is well, but I will be under general anesthesia, which is why I cannot commit. My goal, is to see this challenge out fully, posting 31 days of #FROCKTOBER outfits, but if I am silent for the first couple days, you all know why and can be on the lookout for my next post.


While hunting around on the web for a great image, I stumbled upon this post about FROCKTOBER in Australia. One woman dies every ten hours in Australia from ovarian cancer, because there is no early detection test. FROCKTOBER was designed to help bring awareness and raise funds for ovarian cancer!

I’m even more jazzed about participating now than I was before! I hope you enjoy watching me partake in this challenge, and would love to have you join me!

Happy FROCKTOBER y’all!


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