From my Hart: Fall Home Decor

This past weekend officially felt like fall everyone! It was a blustery one here at the Maryland line, and I am so excited that I was able to complete some outdoor decor! I wanted to share with y’all my weekend progress:

Farm Fresh:

For less than $20, I was able to grab two corn stalk bundles, adorned with corn, and a big bale of hay! I secured the corn stalks with jumbo zip ties to the two front columns. I placed the bale of hay next to the front door and added some pumpkins. We also got a welcome scarecrow for $8 to hang from the front door!

I feel like Martha Stewart or Joanna Gaines, not going to lie. The most simple decor, from local farms, transformed our house into something fall-tastic; I’m in love.

Hardy Mums:

My boyfriend and I pulled up all of the old ground cover, and anti-weed fabric from the front flower beds last week. We also removed the old rotten wood that kept the flower beds in place. This was a challenge, as the ground cover had grown into the fabric and we were struggling to rip up 20+ years worth of growth; but we did it y’all!


We then laid new fabric, and added hardy mums! These beauties are perfect for fall but should, key word should, come back year after year! The pop of color is perfect for the front and breaks up all of the green from the new hedges we also added.

Finally, we added some top soil to finish off the front and secure the mums. Our next steps will be to add new wood to encase the flower beds, and perhaps add some mulch. I really am in love with how everything looks all together!

Happy Fall Y’all

I hope you enjoy what we’ve done with the place so far. I have a few other blog posts about Halloween and Christmas outdoor decor that I cannot wait to share with you. But for now… one season at a time.


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