From my Hart: FROCKTOBER Week 1

Happy FROCKTOBER everyone!

I hope this week had been wonderful for you. As you may remember from my post last week, I had surgery on Tuesday and tried my best to participate in the first week of FROCKTOBER. Let’s jump right into my week recap. As always, you can find my daily posts on my Instagram #frocktober2017.

Sunday: 10/1/2017

IMG_5160I was heading off to church with Momma and I decided to wear leggins because it was just too early to put on real pants- y’all feel me? These leggins are from LuLaRoe; I paired them with booties, a white tee from Target, and my new harvest utility jacket from Coco & Main.

I love this jacket- it keeps me warm but is not heavy at all! Unfortunately, it is not available any more. My purse is Kate Spade, from 2015. The leggins are from last year, and as we all know, LLR is designed to mix up patterns.

Monday: 10/2/2017

IMG_5165With every intention to look nice today, it just didn’t happen. I had tea with one of my lifelong friends, and then had to run over and take care of my puppy niece, which entailed rolling around in the grass. I then came home to clean and prepare for my surgery the next day, so ya know, sometimes life gets in the way of your fashion plans.

I wore a black Orioles t-shirt, and my purple monogrammed shorts. To tame my mane I threw my hair into two braids and that was all she wrote folks.

Tuesday: 10/3/2017

IMG_5185It was surgery day, so I needed to wear a button up pajama set; I’ve never felt more sexy, haha! I spent the rest of the day sleeping off the anesthesia- so this was as good as I got all day y’all.

You can find this set at Walmart. They have a really nice variety of pajama sets in various patterns. This is polyester, so you get warm quickly while wearing this.

Wednesday: 10/4/2017


I laid around all day, still feeling sore and groggy, so comfort was key. I threw on a new pajama romper that I purchased from Walmart for $11! It’s so comfortable and cute!

Of course, with rompers, to use the bathroom you have to take the entire outfit off- other than that inconvenience, I highly recommend this outfit. You never know, I may just wear this over the summer to the beach, pool, or while running errands. It looks that nice; and other than ya’ll, no one will know its a pj romper!

Thursday: 10/5/2017


Feeling a little more human-like, I was tempted to push myself and put real clothes on and do some activities. However, I was exhausted just walking to the mailbox, so I opted to wear lounge clothes today.

My top says “Coffee before Talkie” which is my mantra every morning! I need my coffee to function like an actual human, it’s sad but true. My lounge shorts are from Target, they are Gilligan and O’Malley. THE MOST COMFORTABLE ITEMS EVER! I love this brand from Target, I highly recommend it.

Friday: 10/6/2017

IMG_5195Today I want to give the biggest shout out to my Grandparents, who celebrate their 55th Wedding Anniversary today! They are the biggest blessing and a true example of love.

I was up early for my post-op appointment today. So keeping it comfortable, I threw on my Loft shorts in blue, and my white t-shirt from Target. These shorts are so comfortable and easy to dress up or down. I bought them in three colors- they’re that good.

Week Review:

I’m proud of myself for still participating in #FROCKTOBER this week. I’m not out of my comfort zone by any means, but each day post surgery I feel better and I start to think of new fashions to try. Next week will be full of exciting things, so my fashion will be more elevated! Thanks for checking this out, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and join in!

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