From my Hart: Fall Fashion DIY

Super cute, but super simple to make yourself!

Hi Y’all; I wanted to drop by with a quick DIY for fall fashion! I originally got this idea from, and thought- pshh, I can do that! So here we go:

  1. Grab an orange crew neck sweatshirt from any store!
  2. Next you will need some black puffy paint!
  3. Then, draw on your jack-o-lanter face onto the sweatshirt! I used a paint brush to thin out the paint so it wasn’t 3D.
  4. I decided to add hearts, much like the nose, with black puffy paint, where my elbows hit. I slipped on the sweatshirt, had my boyfriend draw x’s where my elbows where and painted a heart over each x.
  5. TIP: place parchment paper inside the sweatshirt so the paint, if it bleeds through, doesn’t stick the sweatshirt to itself

Let it dry and you are done! How simple was that? Not to mention, cheaper than buying it online and waiting for it to arrive.

I cuff the sleeves when I wear it, and throw on some nice jewelry to dress it up.

Happy October Y’all!IMG_5138

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