From my Hart: Essential Oils to the Rescue

Vertigo and Essential Oils

I recently had a surgery to correct some scar tissue from a previous surgery. I was given an antibiotic to help fight off any chance of infection, and suffered an unfortunate side-effect: Vertigo.

IMG_4684On day three of post-op, I started to notice that I felt like I would pass out. I wasn’t nauseous, but dizzy/woozy and thought it was because I wasn’t eating correctly. I reflected on what I had been eating, and after speaking with a few medial professionals, including my doctor, I was informed this was a symptom of the antibiotic.

I only had to be on the pills for five days, so I just took the time to lay around and recover. As I progressed in taking the medication, the vertigo only got worse. Thankfully, a dear friend told me to check out which essential oils could help. I grabbed my handy book and looked up vertigo.

Which Oils?

Lavender, sweet orange, rosemary and peppermint! Thankfully I have all of these on hand. I immediately plopped these into my diffuser and laid in bed. I was not dizzy! However, the moment I walked up stairs and was away from the oils, I had to hold onto things for stability.

61EJInJk70L._SX522_My Mom has an essential oil necklace and let me borrow it! An essential oil necklace has a chamber that holds a bead, in her instance. You simply place a drop of the oils needed onto the bead, let them absorb, and wear the necklace! I’ve included the link here to the one my Mom has; $14 on Amazon!

While it did not completely take away the vertigo, I felt more clear and stable and was not overcome with woozy-ness. Real words here I know haha. It was such a relief to find a remedy, I wanted to share with others!

Hope you all enjoy and more importantly, I hope this helps someone!

Happy oiling & have a great day!

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