From my Hart: FROCKTOBER Week 2

Saturday: 10/7/2017

IMG_5224I was a complete lump all day. An unfortunate side effect of the antibiotic that I was on post-op was Vertigo. Thankfully, I found something to help combat the vertigo and wrote a post about it here! However, my outfit for the day was lazy!

I love otters, and found this otter sleeper from Target: I’ve included the link to the sleeper in case someone else loves otters as much as I do! I wore that all day with my zip-up from Walmart, since I spent the entire day in bed.

Sunday: 10/8/2017

On Sunday I grabbed my favorite pair of leggins: these babies are so comfortable. I can’t even read the tag anymore to see where I got them; my boyfriend calls them my “house leggins” because they are so worn, he says I shouldn’t wear them out of the house…but that’s what makes them so cozy!

I paired my “house leggins” with this spook-tacular sweater. You can find my earlier post on how I made this sweater myself: From my Hart: Fall Fashion DIY! It’s so simple and, now that I think about it, can be adapted to other spook-tacular Halloween characters like bats, or Frankenstein! I cuffed the sleeves and added my gold Michael Kors watch.

Monday: 10/9/2017

IMG_5221Monday was my first day at my new job! I am working right behind a Starbucks- hell yes- with a company as their HR and Office Administrator. This job will allow me to step into a field I’ve always had an interest in, HR, and will still allow me to help out the family that I’ve been working with three days a week.

I love rompers and jumpsuits and struggle to find ones that are long enough for me… this one is! It is a beautiful maroon color and super, ultra comfortable! Unfortunately it is no longer available, but I’ve linked the boutique here for you. As always, I’m wearing my MK gold watch.

Tuesday: 10/10/2017


Tuesday was nuts and so gross outside. It was raining very hard and super humid. I grabbed my jeans and green t-shirt from Target and paired it with my Michael Kors watch and was out the door!

Today I worked both jobs. First the office job, then came almost all the way home to help out the family, and drove back down to the building next to my office to drop one of the kids off at gymnastics. It was exhausting and I almost forgot to take my #FROCKTOBER picture, but I made it!


Wednesday: 10/11/2017


Today I did a little better. I wore my black leggins from LuLaRoe, and my new top, thanks to my boyfriend, from Modern Vintage Boutique. This top has elbow pads and is a dark olive green. My new office is freezing so I have to dress for that instead of the weather, which is still super warm.

As always, I paired this outfit with my Rainbow flip flops, my gold Michael Kors watch, and my Tiffany J necklace.

Thursday: 10/12/2017


Today I wore patterned LuLaRoe leggings with my Target go-to white t-shirt and a cardigan. My office is freezing so layers are a key factor!

My boyfriend got me this Scout bag, which I used to haul: my purse, Halloween goodies, my lunch and my umbrella into work. Scout bags are the best and so sturdy and fashionable! I cannot wait to add to my collection- this is my first large tote from them.


Friday: 10/13/2017


It’s Fri-yay all! Today I felt super fashionable but 100% myself. I was in black LuLaRoe leggins, a black t-shirt from Target, and my harvest utility jacket from Coco&Main. This outfit was effortless but gave me warmth and confidence all day long!

I would love to add more functional and fashionable items like this to my wardrobe. I’m not sure what items that may be, but I’m eager to find out.

Week Review:

I feel really great this week, physically and mentally. The days have been crazy and the weather is not too great, but this challenge really has become a fun way for me to begin to get out of my comfort zone. Thanks for checking this out, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and join in!

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