From my Hart: DIY Tombstone

Happy Halloween Season Y’all!

I love to decorate for Halloween, and this DIY could not be more simple! My Dad and boyfriend have been getting a lot of suit jackets from Macy’s in the mail, and I’ve been jokingly calling the boxes tombstones… because that’s exactly what they look like.

I decided to transform this cardboard box into a spook-tacular tombstone that we can keep on our front porch as we near Halloween! Let’s get right to it:


  • tombstone box (or cardboard cut to this shape)
  • black acrylic paint
  • white acrylic paint
  • foam brush
  • angled paint brush
  • white and silver glitter

Prep the box:

All I did was remove shipping labels and remnants of tape. So simple y’all!


IMG_5080I took my foam brush, squirted black paint on the box and went to town. I did not paint the back of the box, simply because it will not been seen and I wanted to save paint. I did paint the sides of the box and the top, because those are visible when on display.

Once one layer of black paint was on and dry, I dipped my finger into the white paint and painted RIP on the box. I used my finger to give the RIP a more spooky and eerie look.IMG_5081

While the white paint was still wet, I sprinkled on the white glitter. Make sure the black paint is dry or the glitter will stick to everything! I then shook off the excess glitter and began my spider web.

I took my angled paint brush, and painted on long white lines, shooting out from the left corner of the box. Then I connected those lines with swooping lines to create the spider web! Finally, I dusted these freshly painted white lines with super fine silver glitter.

I then shook off the excess glitter, took a clean dry paint brush, and brushed away any access glitter that was still on the box.

Because I used acrylic paint, and because this is cardboard- you will want to seal it to keep it safe from the elements. I have opted to just bring it inside during inclement weather.

The finished product!

IMG_5084That’s really it y’all! From my time stamped pictures, it took me 30 minutes to complete. That time includes the steps above as well as a few dashes back into the house to wash my hands, get more supplies, and taking pictures.

I hope this inspires you to make some spooky decor this Halloween! I love getting more decor ideas so please drop them in the comments!

Happy crafting!

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