From my Hart: FROCKTOBER Week 3

Saturday: 10/14/2017


After breakfast I ran some errands, which I love doing & I purchased an end table for $20! I spent the rest of the day doing laundry, cleaning, organizing and repainting our new end table!

I wore my favorite “running” shorts that I got from Walmart, and my new Chesapeake Collection shirt that my boyfriend got for me! Once my boyfriend got off work, we grabbed Panera for dinner, and caught up on Eric & Jessie, our favorite tv show! Hope everyone had as wonderful of a Saturday as I did.

Sunday: 10/15/2017

I FAILED! I completely forgot to post a photo- such a bummer!! I spent the day with my boyfriend at the SugarLoaf Craft Festival, buying lots of goodies for Christmas. Then we had chili and enjoyed the day at home with my family.

Monday: 10/16/2017

IMG_5291Much better! I remembered to take a picture. Today I wore my jeans from Target, my converse shoes (that I wore in my best friends wedding- yeah shes the best) & my new sweater from Modern Vintage Boutique!

Please excuse the giant chair in the background- I took this picture at my check up appointment because HELLO that mirror is perfect! I threw my hair in braids, put on some makeup, added my Michael Kors watch and silver bangle that all the women in my family have. I’m also wearing my silver “J” necklace from Tiffany’s.


Tuesday: 10/17/2017


I know I told y’all I love otters, I was gifted this Otter sweater from J.Crew last Christmas, and it is one of my favorite things ever! They are holding wittle paws & their noses are fluffy! I paired this with my green jeans from Target and my white converse shoes!

I felt like a rock-star in this outfit! It is the perfect combination of style and comfort for me; I was warm, comfortable, and think I look pretty darn spiffy! My boyfriend snapped this picture of me mid-coffee & while cooking breakfast- enjoy!


Wednesday: 10/18/2017

IMG_5306Today I wore one of my favorite sweaters I got from the petite section in Kohls! I don’t usually, *read ever*, buy from the petite section- but my Mom told me to give it a try and it fit! It’s super flattering, comfortable and warm! Ive had it for a couple of years, so it’s held up really well.

I wore a tank top from Target under it, with my LuLaRoe leggins and gray flats! I have a couple pairs of black leggins from LuLaRoe, which comes in handy. This is my go to outfit, during the colder months, to dress up or down. It’s great for so many occasions and throw on heels and you are fancy!

Thursday: 10/19/2017

IMG_5311At work, they hosted a pizza/salad party to welcome me! Conveniently for me, this tunic came in the mail Wednesday night! It is from Riah Fashion. The belle sleeves are something I never would have picked out for myself, but I’m so so glad I did! The material is light, but warm and soft and I love the ‘x’ accent on the chest.

I wore my old “house leggins” and my Tiffany J necklace, along with my Michael Kors watch, and some really awesome shoes!

IMG_5312I got these shoes last year from DSW and they are Carlos brand, as in Carlos Santana! I wear those no-show socks with these and it’s perfect! Super comfortable, my feet never hurt after wearing these all day.

Also, I’m not sure what I was thinking this morning- taking two separate pictures instead of a full outfit pic. However- it leaves me room to give you all a tip! All of these boutiques, and obscure website that I am finding tops/etc. from, I find off of, which I’ve used for years to find great deals!


Friday: 10/20/2016

IMG_5316I grabbed my freshly cleaned green jeans again today and paired them with my converse, and a new top I got from Graham Boutique! This top is flowy in the body, and has slightly ribbed sleeves that hug my arms, but not constricting at all!

My purse is from Kate Spade & I’m wearing my usual jewelry: Tiffany’s “J” necklace, Michael Kors gold watch, and silver Alex and Ani bracelet.



Week Review:

I hope you all enjoy these outfits! I’ve been getting lot of love on Instagram from this weeks outfits, so I think it’s safe to say y’all are! I’ve felt really confident and myself, but while feeling put together- if that makes sense.

Next week is my golden birthday, as well as some awesome Halloween parties & a wedding1 Stay tuned for some awesome outfits.

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