From my Hart: Modern Vintage Boutique

One day in September, I got a surprise package in the mail. Now, nothing gets me more jazzed than getting mail! I ran inside and carefully opened the mystery package to reveal it’s contents.

If you follow me on Instagram, if not head to my blog main page and find my feed to follow me, you will remember these images! I captured the entire unveiling on my Instagram story.

The packaging was simple, and the label too cute! Modern Vintage Boutique, a company I had not heard of. Was this a mistake? Did someone send this to me? I couldn’t wait to find out.

IMG_4977Item One:

I quickly found the company on Instagram and set out to open the goodies. The first item I opened was a long sleeve shirt. The material is thin, but fuzzy- not like a fleece though. It has bold gray and black stripes and is not something I ever would have picked out for myself.

I remained optimistic though, as I knew this would be a great piece for fall. When I tried it on, I fell in love! It fits and looks great on, and kept me warm without being too hot.

IMG_4976Item Two:

The next piece I opened was another long sleeve shirt! This one has… elbow pads! I love elbow pads! It is made of a very thin cotton and has bold white and olive green stripes.

I have actually been looking to add more olive green to my wardrobe, so I was super excited. Did I mention I love elbow pads? Upon trying on the shirt, I noticed there was a seam just above the elbow pads that add some flair to the sleeves. It fits me perfectly and is thin enough to wear with shorts, or to layer in the fall with jeans or leggins.

Item Three:

IMG_4978A dress! Y’ALL! I lost my cool when I unwrapped this beauty. A maxi dress with 3/4 length sleeves, and two super cute patterns. I have been trying to find a good maxi dress to add to my collection, and this one is so adorable I cannot contain myself.

The top half is cream with brown/gray stripes, and 3/4 length sleeves, which are also some of my favorite fashion things. Then, BOOM! That dress changes patterns under the waist with a muted blush background, and a floral pattern.

Upon opening the last item, I found the packing list, and saw the items were from… my boyfriend! He has picked out and ordered me these items as a surprise! What a sweetheart!


I am super impressed with the clothes purchased for me. My boyfriend ordered the correct sizes, which goes to say something fantastic about the company. Women know we are all different sizes depending on the company, cut, fabric, etc. He was able to choose the correct sizing only using the details given on the site. Bravo!

Everything feels amazing! I tend to be like the Princess and the Pea, and really particular about how clothes feel on my body. These clothes have passed that test and even have withstood a washing.

I would highly recommend Modern Vintage Boutique for your fashion needs!

Happy Shopping!


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