From my Hart: FROCKTOBER Week 4

Saturday the 21st & Sunday the 22nd:

Total fails y’all. I let myself get swooped up into the moment this weekend and never once let my fashion cross my mind. At first, I felt defeated, but then I realized this is okay & wonderful actually. You should lose yourself in moments of your life more and more often. Each day is a gift!

Monday: 10/23/2017

IMG_5349It’s still fairly warm here (thank ya Jesus!) but I am still freezing in the office. My goal is to find outfits that can quickly transition for both climates. I grabbed my white jeans, which I want to say are from Walmart, but I’ve had them forever, and my black v-neck from Target. The jeans are light weight, but totally prone to stains; I had a beat salad for lunch- not my best idea.

I paired this outfit with my jean jacket. The tag is actually cut out of this because it was so itchy. This kept me warm in the office, and I sat it aside when I left for the day.

Tuesday: 10/24/2017

IMG_4675Ever wake up with the best intentions for your outfit, put it on and think “I look so dumb?” That was this morning y’all. Thankfully, my boyfriend threw me a new shirt, and hopped in the picture to cheer me up!

I kept my Target jeans and Carlos booties on, but switched out the top I originally planned for, with my flowy long sleeve top from Graham Boutique. If you remember last week, I found this top via I have the app, which I check daily for home and clothing deals! Thanks for calling an audible this morning babe, you saved me! I really felt confident all day.

Wednesday: 10/25/2017


While wearing my converses again, and my go to jeans from Target, I also threw on my new pink sweater from… Target! It’s starting to get cold so sweaters are in weather I like it or not. My boyfriend picked out this sweater for me. Actually, he picked out this entire outfit for me today.

I threw my hair into a braid on one side and was out the door! Super cozy, fashionable and gave me tons of confidence! I have the Denizen, by Levis, jeans from Target in Modern Skinny & Modern Slim. I’m wearing the slim here.

Thursday: 10/26/2017

IMG_5393Today is my GOLDEN Birthday! This means today is the day that I turn as old as the date! I am 26 on the 26th! I’ve been waiting for this birthday for years! I woke up to some clothes from my boyfriend and couldn’t wait to wear them! So here is a new sweater I got, from Target, that I paired with (I’m sure you can guess) my converse and jeans from target!

This outfit was super easy to dress up for dinner, I just threw on my Carlos booties! We went to one of my favorite restaurants, Wyndridge Farms.

In keeping with the gold theme, I added my J stud earrings from Francesca’s. My boyfriend also got me a rose gold Michele Watch, with a grey rubber watch band.

Friday 10/27/2017

I spent a little birthday money yesterday and got this new top. Y’all! I love sugar skulls, and well, this lace skull on the back of a green and blue plaid patterned button up is perfection! I feel chic, yet badas*. Hehe! It is from Bethany Mota. I wore this with my jeans from Target, but switched them out for my “home” leggins when I got…home.

My watch is Michele & my purse is Kate Spade! I wore my light grey Indigo.Rd flats also.

Frocktober is almost over! But wait…

Tonight my boyfriend and I are attending my friends annual Halloween party, so those who follow me on Instagram will get a sneak peak of Monday’s blog post, the how-to of our costumes! We also have a wedding for one of my sorority sisters Saturday night, and my birthday dinner with family on Sunday. There are still so many fun outfits to come y’all! Stay tuned 🙂

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