From my Hart: FROCKTOBER Week 5

October is officially over everyone & so is FROCKTOBER. This experience has been fun & I certainly will be participating again next year! I have found a new enjoyment in fashion, & how I present myself to the world via clothing. Let’s review the final week:

Friday Night: 10/27/2017

IMG_5415If you have not ready my From my Hart: Creating the Costumes, please do! My boyfriend & I attended my friends annual Halloween costume & with the help of all of you over the summer- we decided on Popeye & Olive Oyl as our first ever couples costume!

The costumes cost around $30 to make and was a really fun experience for both of us… no really, he got into it! I cannot wait to see what ideas I/we come up with for next Halloween! Who knows, we may have some Christmas DIY Costumes to feature on here 😉

Saturday: 10/28/2017

IMG_5417I woke up so excited to do nothing! I grabbed my “house” leggins, and my new mandala tee from LOL Vintage! According to google, the mandala is “a geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism; a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity.” I love intricate designs, & after reading this on the meaning… I think I will be purchasing a lot more mandala items.


Saturday Night: 10/28/2017

IMG_5433It was wedding night for one of my sweet sisters! After much debate, I ended up wearing this super comfortable green dress. You can see me here with another one of my sisters, bridesmaid & mama-to-be Ashley! This dress is from The Limited. I wish nothing more than a lifetime of happiness to the new Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan!



Sunday: 10/29/2017

IMG_5441Alas, I spent most of the day in my room fighting off a sick headache. You can bet your bottom dollar I was pumping peppermint essential oil to help fight it off, & whew did that help! So, my outfit reflects my internal struggles haha. I’m wearing, what my boyfriend calls a “groutfit;” an all grey outfit… classy. My sweatpants are joggers from UnderArmour, & are the kind with a cuff at the ankles & follow the shape of the leg. I decided to throw on my grey zip-up from Walmart. Of course, I cheered up for some cuddles with my new cousin Piper.

Monday: 10/30/2017

IMG_5452Boom… back in action! It was blustery cold all day. I threw on my Ugg ankle boots in chestnut (I should probably get new ones, as I’ve had these for 7+ years- whew) for extra warmth with my Target jeans. With these I paired my new white sweater from Target, it is apart of the A New Day collection & y’all it is cashmere cozy! My new scarf is courtesy of my dear friend Liz; the only thing the tag says is 20% cashmere, 80% cotton- aka cozy/fashionable/wonderful!

Can you tell I feel fabulous?! My watch is from Michele & my purse is still Kate Spade!

Tuesday: 10/31/2017

IMG_5466The last official day of #FROCKTOBER & Halloween! Our office Halloween party was not going to be until the following day, so I just went for an all black outfit. My “house leggins” made an appearance out of the home, paired with my converse, my black v-neck from Target and my new cardigan from Target. I love the think lines on this cardigan, it really pops, and I love how they stop at my shoulders. Also, the front of the cardigan swoops ever so subtly down, instead of being a straight vertical line, which is super flattering and chic!

I have had these spider earrings since middle school, so I have no idea where I got them. But how perfect for Halloween?! It was the perfect touch to a super casual and comfortable outfit.

Final FROCKTOBER Thoughts:

I will say, I enjoyed this much more than I anticipated. It’s hard to not compare yourself to others whom you deem more fashionable, but this really allowed me to take pride in myself in a new way! Not posting my outfits for the remainder of this week has been very odd! However, I will say, I am continuously looking for more clothes to add to my closet, and do plan on posting outfits more for y’all.

Thank you for following along, & have no fear, my blogging will not stop. I’ve got so many wonderful posts ready to go, and as we dive into the holiday season, things are gonna get good.

Happy FROCKTOBER y’all!

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