From my Hart: Dresser Refurbish

Y’all… I think I have a problem.

I love being crafty, it’s so fun and relaxing for me, and super satisfying to see my finished products. Well, up here at the MD/PA Line, there is a furniture stand. I’ve always scoffed as I passed by, but one day I woke up with an itch to get an end table, and that stand is where I went.

IMG_5334The husband and wife team that run the stand could not be more pleasant and friendly. The wife goes to auctions to find items and sets up her stand Thursday-Sunday’s and HOLY MOE, does she have some nice stuff! My first purchase was an end table for $25. I simply sanded it and used some 2-in-1 spray paint to paint it, then sanded down the edges for a distressed look.

My boyfriend was so happy that he finally had a proper end table, and its super functional and goes great with the decor. As you may have guessed, I went back to the stand and this time walked away with a steal… a dresser for $25! Let’s explore my DIY transformation below:

DIY Dresser:

IMG_5324I already had all of my tools: two cans of spray paint, sanding blocks and a screw driver, to pull off the drawer pulls before painting. One thing I have learned about sanding is, that it is imperative! Sand until there is no more shine- otherwise, the paint will bubble up! I’ve included the color of paint here for y’all.

I sanded one section at a time and then I wiped it off; this way I could tell if it was sanded enough or not. Also, you’ll need to wipe off the dust before painting anyway. Once your piece is all sanded, and cleaned, spray paint that baby!

I did two coats, letting it dry between each. This paint covers really well and drys super fast! I left the dresser outside for a few hours, just to try and rid it of the fumes. I’d say between sanding and painting the two coats, this took about two (2) hours total.

The final step was to bring it inside, and put back on the drawer pulls. I had some of that anti-slip drawer liner, that I added inside just for some cushion. I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture of this, or keep the label, but this kind was white, and did not have spaces, or holes, it was one solid sheet.


I am in LOVE Y’ALL! In the image, you may notice the reflection of our rug, that is because the paint is gloss. We now have his & hers dressers, and are freeing up room in our closet! Just in-time for winter clothes.

Thankfully, according for my boyfriend’s sake, we don’t have any more room for more furniture in our room. But I’ve got a new addiction- and would love to keep making more pieces! Enjoy & happy DIY-ing!

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