From my Hart: Closet Redo

Hello everyone! This post is an addendum to my previous post From my Hart: Room Organization.  After living with our closet for a few months, and with the need to store our summer clothes, my boyfriend and I were finding frustrations with our closet layout.

We made some updates, which are possible largely in part because of our new dresser. With his & hers dressers now, we were able to really free up some space in the closet! Let’s get right into what we accomplished/changed:

What’s new?

IMG_5341After much discussion, we finally purchased a shoe rack! We got this one from Target! We also picked up some cedar balls while we were there to keep out dresser drawers fresh. We took the time to go through our shoes, and put some of the more summer focused shoes away in our under the bed storage.

Once the shoe rack was put together, 10 minutes tops, we removed the hanging sweater holder, that held some shoes, and put those shoes on our new rack! For the shoes that were left, I took one of our bins, and put all of my flats in there so they are out of sight.

IMG_5336Because we moved so many of our clothes into our own dressers, we now could re-organize our miscellaneous items! The pink bin that held all of our “junk” was tossed, and our chargers found a new home in a bin under his night stand.

The remaining junk was small enough to be relocated to a smaller bin. I used black bins on the metal rack that we had, to make them less noticeable to the eye. My leggings and scarfs still found their home in two small tan bins, but I was now able to house them in the cube from Ikea instead of on our top shelf. In the two larger tan bins, we housed all of my boyfriends hats and our sweatshirts respectively.

Tip: Keep hangers, bins, and other storage items all one color. You eye will no longer be jumping from color to color when viewing the closet. We have all white hangers, and tossed our purple/pink/gray bins, keeping only tan bins in our white Ikea cube.

Overall, we have way more space in the closet, and it looks less junked up. I love the less-is-more mentality, and both my boyfriend and I feel that we’ve achieved style with functionality. Not to mention, items are no longer hard to reach!

I hope this helps those who are looking to organize, & as always, have a great day!

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