From my Hart: SheIn Review

While on Pinterest one day, I stumbled upon a website called The prices and assortment of clothing was undeniably exciting! I am always looking for affordable clothing items.

My wardrobe usually consists of leggins, big t-shirts, and comfy shorts. I go for ultra casual haha. In my quest to elevate my wardrobe, I decided to buy some blouses from the site. All together I spend around $30. This is unbeatable! I was extremely pleased and the slecetion was unparalleed.

Selection and price: 10/10!

Unfortunately, it took two weeks for my items to arrive. Upon arrival, I noticed they were shipped from China. I’ve mentioned before, I have no patience, so this was a complete buzz-kill for me; especially since the items were a few days late.

Shipping experience: 4/10

The items were each individually wrapped, which was nice. When I opened them, I could tell the fabric was extremely thin, and I began to worry. Further, when I put them on, the sizes were all wrong. I should have ordered up a size. I am a medium, even a small sometimes, and so I ordered a medium based on the measurements provided.

I am tall, 5’8, so my torso is longer than others. Each of the tops were about an inch away from being a crop top on me. Total disappointment. Not to mentioned, the fabric felt super cheap on. One of the tops was even listed as 100% cotton, and there was no way this was true.

Sizing and make: 3/10

Overall I’m giving the site a 4/10.

Since initially writing this post- I’ve spent a few more hours on the site, reading reviews and looking at items. The price is low, and you always pay for what you get. With that in mind I realized I spent $8 on an $8 blouse (for example). If you are comfortable with the product reflecting the price, then this site is perfect for you! I have found that I like low prices on higher quality goods.

Please let me know if you have tried this company, or if you would like me to give them another shot to see what else they offer! I’m always open to giving things one more chance.

2 thoughts on “From my Hart: SheIn Review”

  1. Had a similar bad quality experience with this company years ago. 😡 Your description is totally accurate!! Never ordered anything from them again.


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