From my Hart: Thankful

2017, thus far, as been a whirlwind year. Not only do I feel as if we have flown through this year, but I have had so many unpredictable things happen, that as I flip back through my planner, I cannot believe it.

In reviewing all that has happened in this year, I thought it would be appropriate to do a thankful post. These moments that I highlighted below were hard for me to be thankful for at first, but in the end, I trusted God and it all worked out just swell.


kenzMy sweet little pup is something I thank God everyday for. This year, we had some scary moments where we thought we would lose her. Kenzie has always had a sensitive tummy, and over the summer she gave us quite the scare. We recently found out that both her stomach and intestines are thick, and eventually she will no longer want to eat. This is when the vet says she will have cancer.

That is not something you ever want to hear. This dog is my best friend, she is always there and loves me unconditionally. We have no way of knowing when this will happen; it could be tomorrow, it could be in four years! So, we take each day as it comes, and soak up every moment with her while we can. I am so thankful for every additional day and all the love and fun she brings into my life.

Job Opportunities:

IMG_5591February began a new career for me. I was over the moon to have finally found “the one” job that was a career I could see myself in for the long term. When that didn’t pan out, you can read about that here, it sent me spiraling. I couldn’t see how things could so drastically switch into the negative when they once were so positive.

Now, three months past that door closing, I am standing on the other side with fresh eyes. I am in a career that I love, where I am valued, challenged, and can enjoy the work and people around me. This new job has everything I always wanted, but never thought I could have all at once. I have the opportunity for growth and am just enjoying each day as it comes.

Name Change:

15493744_351560088555987_6702106668457174979_oOne of the best examples of something in 2017 not going as I had planned would be my adoption. There are moments where I am entangled in the negativity and anger of it all, but as I said in my initial post, I feel as if I am being protected from something which I cannot see. My Dad and family have rallied around me once again, and I can easily pull myself out of the negative thoughts and rest easy in the peace that I’ve got the Dad I always wanted, and a piece of paper can’t change that.

In a cool twist, one of my friends changed his name too! It was so nice to learn that I wasn’t the only one who felt their “step-father” was their real Dad. We don’t have to have adoption papers to prove who our ‘real’ Dad’s are. They are standing right behind us, always.

What else…?

I am so thankful for my friends, family, home & finances; the usual, but just as awesome suspects. In retrospect, there are a hundred things that I am thankful for in this year. Moments shared with friends over tea/wine, puppies, babies, good health, vacations, weddings, tattoos, technology & this blog! I try very hard to stay in the positive, I just thrive better that way. It’s not easy, but looking back at this year, I’ve got more to be thankful for than ever!


the feature image from this post can be found here, I found it by searching on Pinterest
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