From my Hart: QVC Christmas Must-Haves

Two of my favorite things, Christmas and QVC, converge sporadically for about six months out of the year and I still manage to get equally excited each time. QVC and their Christmas sales are by far, the most enjoyable ways I like to pass the time in front of the TV.

I have been ordering from QVC for the majority of my life. At the young age of about 12, I made my first independent purchase (sans mother’s help), so I am coming to you with around 14 years of QVC shopping experience. That is approximately 84 months of Christmas on QVC that I have religiously watched.

About QVC:

QVC’s customer service is unparalleled. I have never had any issues with ordering: be that via the app, automated ordering, online ordering or via the phone. Their “easy pay” options are phenomenal, and really allow you to budget for items well. QVC also has some exceptionally long return windows, which really allow you, as the customer, to decide if an item is the right fit.

For select items, QVC will allow you to pick ship dates, so you have complete control over when you can receive certain items! QVC also has a bill-to ship-to option, which allows you to buy something, & have it sent directly to someone else, while you receive the bill. Talk about the ease of giving!

Further, QVC Christmas in July is the perfect opportunity to begin stocking up on all things Christmas at incredible prices! Not only am I able to get a majority of my shopping done early, but I also claim great ship weeks and cheaper prices than those who wait to order things in November and December.

Today, I have gathered my top five QVC Christmas in July must-haves for you! Don’t worry, these items are still up on QVC’s website if you wish to order them now. I am so excited, so lets dive right in!

Mrs. Prindable’s Apples:

Every single year, I purchase Mrs. Prindable’s Apples. I get an assortment of 12 apples in three flavors, that come individually wrapped and with their own gift bags. My obsession began when a cousin of mine had candied apples as a wedding favor, and ever since I have been on the hunt for good, delectable candied apples.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 5.27.08 PMI initially bought these for myself, but each year I am able to eat my fill and still have plenty to give away! Ever get a gift from someone unexpectedly and then have to scramble to find something for them? Have no fear- this eliminates that worry- gift an apple! What about your mailman, your favorite UPS person, or your hairdresser? I’ve also gifted these to a dinner party host and even gave them out as favors during an event!

They taste- SO GOOD y’all! Super crisp and delicious. They are made and shipped out according to the ship week that you choose, and arrive fresh and packed on ice. Simply store in the fridge, pull them out to gift or eat (allowing them to come to room temperature) slice and enjoy!

Bethlehem Lights Window Candles:

There is something magical about driving around in the winter and seeing the twinkle of lights in each window of one’s home. It reminds me of Charles Dickens and the traditions of Christmas’ Past.Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 5.40.45 PM

My childhood memories were, unfortunately, of running around my Grandmom’s home to plug in all of the window lights at dusk, while trying to squeeze behind the furniture that blocked my path. Also, we then had to remember to unplug said lights before bed. Such a hassle!

All is taken care of with Bethlehem Lights Window Candles. These battery operated LED candles have a slim base (which fits wonderfully on my Grandma’s thin window sills), and a simple adjustable height! Not to mention, they come in four colors, we have them in onyx.

My favorite feature is the timer, which can also be set for four-six-or eight hours. You can also use the photo-sensor mode, which automatically turns the candles on at dark. All is controlled by a small switch in the base, which also allows you to turn the candles on and off manually. We leave our in our windows, and on our mantels, all year long!

Valerie Parr Hill also sells a version of these on QVC, we have those too & love them!

Fresh Balsam from Valerie Parr Hill:

Think of the smell of Christmas- it’s the greens you smell isn’t it? Valerie Parr Hill complies an exquisite assortment of fresh balsam wreaths, garland and mixed greens for your decorating pleasure. Because the items are fresh balsam, you are able to pick from a few November and December ship dates. The items are freshly prepared and packaged in a box with a red bow just for you.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 5.59.11 PMI am featuring the traditional wreath that comes with a jingle bell that has the year on it! I find this to be the most wonderful and sentimental item to collect, year after year, as you continue to get the fresh wreath.

Valerie also has a fresh wreath that features an adorable white glitter church as the center piece, instead of the jingle bell. There is also a lush option of four mini wreaths! If garland is more your style, there is a 48″ option that has two plaid red/green/gold bows on each end! Additionally, there is the option to purchase a fresh balsam cross, swag with jingle bells, a table top tree or a box of mixed greens! We also get the mixed greens for our mantel.

I opted for the latest December ship week and keep the greens fresh with a squirt bottle of water! The smell is incredible, and I love that I have been able to keep fresh greens a tradition in our family, without having to haul a full fresh tree into our home.

Kringle Express Gift Bag Set:

This may seem silly, but I kicked myself last year for not buying these, so I made sure to purchase them during Christmas in July. Kringle Express has a set of 72, assorted size, gift bags with tags. The gift bags are not all Christmas inspired, so I have already been able to use some for engagement gifts, baby shower presents, birthdays and more!

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 6.09.32 PMThe sizes are: jumbo, extra large, large, tall, bottle, gift card, medium and small. These bags are double lined so you cannot see through them, and they have two ribbons that cinch at the top to close! The gift tags are a simple decorative addition and super helpful.

Overall, I really wish I had these last Christmas. I find such joy in wrapping gifts, but sometimes there are items that are too oddly shaped, or that would just do better in a nice gift bag. I mean it when I say nice gift bag, these are not flimsy at all! The designs are cheerful, and I cannot wait to keep using these as I find more gifts.

Bethlehem Lights Indoor/Outdoor C6 Bulbs:

This final must-have is something from Christmas past! My boyfriend suggested to me that we decorate the columns in front of the house with lights this year. I eagerly hopped on my QVC app, and ordered these lights in green/red!

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 7.30.40 PMWhat I love most about these, are the C6 bulbs. They remind me of those wonderful big bulbs that people used to line their roofs with. What made me instantly purchase these were the following factors:

Bethlehem Lights is the leader in Christmas lighting. I have been watching QVC Christmas for many years and this company is always coming out with new, innovative, and customer friendly products that are simple to use, affordable, and sturdy.

Further, these are battery operated for indoor/outdoor use. BATTERY OPERATED! Do you understand how fantastic this is? Think of what you’ll save on your electric bill, not to mention, how versatile this makes the lights. The lights come on a 19 foot strand, and are five inches apart. The strand will run: red, green, red, green, etc. when unraveled.

Did I mention, the battery box has options for you? You can set these lights on a four-six-or eight hour timer, use the photo sensor mode, on/off switch, or the energy saver mode. As if that wasn’t enough, you can have the lights on, on to twinkle, or on to glisten! Finally, they come in red/green, multi or clear. The green/red are currently sold out for the season.


Take it from me (the one wearing green antlers above), Christmas is serious business in my family. QVC has so many wonderful things to offer for the holiday season including decor, gifts, food in addition to my top five and much more. If you have never bought from QVC before, I encourage you to give them a chance.

Please leave me your top five Christmas must-haves, let me know also if you’ve used/enjoyed any of the items I’ve listed, and as always, thanks for reading!


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