From my Hart: Vintage Christmas

Last year, I was whisked away to Frederick, Maryland to go antiquing. I had a blast walking around the quaint down-town area, lit up with Christmas lights, with my boyfriends Grandmother leading the way.

In one of the booths, I stumbled upon antique Christmas cards. Where this fascination of mine came from, I’m not sure, but old Christmas cards really excite me; along with glass ornaments. The ornaments I love because they remind me of my Great-Grandmother.

I was able to find both, and placed the ornaments in a jar with fairy lights & found two fun frames at HomeGoods to display my cards.

This year, I hit the mother-load. While at our local volunteer fire department, for their Christmas Bazaar, I found a vendor who had a huge stack of vintage cards! She was selling them at eight for $1. ONE DOLLAR Y’ALL! I rightfully lost my mind.

I scooped up my favorites, and one that my Grandmother loved from her childhood, & took them home with me. Off to HomeGoods I went, like I need an excuse to go there haha, and found some awesome unique frames to display these cards.

I’m so excited to share my finds with you: both the frames & the cards. I hope you enjoy how I’ve integrated these gifts from Christmas past into Christmas present!

Christmas Services Card
Santa feeding a deer
Silent Night: I love how this is shaped like an open book & it opens down the middle too
I have a thing for lanterns too: The gold frame works so well with the red and the lights
My favorite card in a wooden frame. Perfectly captures the old glass ornaments
I loved the card to the left & how it captures the past. & of course, more glass ornaments.

As always, Id love to learn which one is your favorite. Also, if you have old trinkets from Christmas past, please share how you integrate them into your decor! I’m always curious to see how others decorate.

Merry Christmas & Happy Decorating!

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