From my Hart: Christmas Decor

If you haven’t caught onto the theme of my post this month, Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I really try and recreate the feel of my childhood wonderment in my decorating each year.

I find the new white/gold modern approach to Christmas decorations stunning, but my own Christmas decorating style is more warm with a focus on items from Christmas past. You will notice a lot of antique Christmas touches, as well as some rustic pieces that help, hopefully, achieve this style.

My Creations/Finds:

If y’all know me, you know that a lot of the items I decorate with come from HomeGoods & that is exactly where I found this! I was paroozing their gift wrap section (they have the best boxes, tags, bags, and wrapping paper) when I found SPOOLS OF RIBBON! Someone was out of their mind if they thought I was actually going to use this ribbon…it’s huge! There were so many ribbons, and sizes of spools, I couldn’t resists. This sits out next to my jewelry box in a corner that is lacking Christmas cheer- but I wanted to show it to y’all in my hand to give some perspective on the size!


Also from HomeGoods is this beautiful mercury glass tree. With three AA batteries, this pretty green tree comes to life with light. I placed it behind one of my vintage Christmas card displays because: it adds more height to my dresser, I can see it through the picture frame & because the vintage card shows a family decorating their Christmas tree. Too perfect y’all. The image below on the left is of it with the light on, the image on the right is without the light- stunning both ways.

My Grandmother has always had four caroling figures that she would place on her hall table. I found a vintage Christmas card of carolers, and placed it next to them. The table was just bare, but I had planned on added fresh greens later on in December.


I had three small glass jars (from the Oui by Yoplait yogurt) that I added some white paint and silver glitter to. I popped in some battery operated tea lights and now this table is one of my favorite decorations I created this year. I love the vintage glow of the orange tea lights, I think it really ties everything together.


A peak into Mammaw’s Decor:

Y’all I tried so hard to get my boyfriends Grandmother to show me her house early. She is known as Sandy Clause and does the most breath-taking Christmas decorating I’ve even seen. She transforms her home into a Christmas dream, and unveils it for friends and family come late December.

I was able to snap some pictures of how she decorated her daughters home! I hope this helps spark your decorative creativity & allows you to enjoy her gift as much as I do!

Annalee Elves greet you as you head up to the bedrooms! They are each holding a bucket of Christmas crackers and sleigh bells.


The red berries/flowers and old bear in an antique setting, next to a magnolia wreath adorned with a Christmas bow & snow shoes really set this wall in the basement!
How simple is this- an oversized glass vessel with plastic candy canes is the perfect addition of height & Christmas to any kitchen counter.
Add height to the corner of any room with a tall holiday focused floral arrangement in a mercury glass jug with ribbon.
Tea towels, garland, Christmas picture/picture frame, over sized cookie cutter & gingerbread oven mit can all be set out for display on the end of the counter.

Mammaw, as she is lovingly called, has a gift for decorating! I cannot wait to see how her house looks this Christmas (click here to view a few pictures from last year). I will be sure to capture her home for all to see this year… once we are allowed into her magical world!

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