From my Hart: Outdoor Christmas Lights

With the happy task my Grandfather set for my boyfriend & I- to decorate the house, I was fully confident that we would be able to deliver. I hopped on my QVC app, ordered a bunch of lights, and set to planning with my boyfriend.

Growing up, my Mom and I lived with my Grandparents, and we used to have net lights along the front bushes, as well as icicle lights along the roof. We no longer have these items & no one is willing to go on the roof. This year I took a fresh & simple approach to the outdoor lights. Let’s see what we were able to produce:

The Lights:

I L-O-V-E Bethlehem Lights from QVC. You may have heard me rave about this company in my post on Monday. All of the light that you see, except for the “Holiday Bush,” are done with Bethlehem lights. They are all running on battery operated timers, and we never have to worry about them. They come on and go off at the same time daily & can even be set to twinkle, extra bright, fade-in-out, etc.

Set Up:

The day before Thanksgiving we got up early and started decorating. Armed with some command hooks for the columns, batteries and the lights, we set to work! Set up took less than an hour y’all, so simple.

I added command hooks along our fence and strung the lights. The big heavy battery boxes (holding 3 D batteries) were a concern for me, so I made sure to set the command hook for a couple hours before hanging the box from it. I also secured the box with clear tape just to be extra secure.

The Results:

The “Holiday Bush” as I jokingly call it, is a trimmed hydrangea bush with traditional plug-in colored lights
Multi lights guide us home, adorned on each section of fence.

I love coming home and seeing all of the lights on- even better is knowing no one has to worry about turning them off or on! We’ve made my grandparents so happy & at the end of the day, I am so glad we were able to deliver.

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