From my Hart: New Year, Same Attitude

I’ve been doing a lot of reflection recently, as we are now officially in the New Year- welcome friends to my blog!

This past year did not go as I expected, but that does not mean that I didn’t enjoy it. I’m shocked at the amount of people who, as this last year came to a close, began posting negative things about 2017.  This caught my eye because the same thing happened as 2016 came to an end. Why such negativity?

Don’t get me wrong, things did NOT go as I had planned in 2017. As a recap, my adoption didn’t go through, I was tossed upside down with a job situation for a few months, I lost my cousin/best friend suddenly, and I turned 26 and had to get my own insurance (womp womp). But for some reason I don’t have a bad outlook about the year as a whole… that reason is my attitude.


Ya heard me.

I am a firm believer that God prepares you for things coming in your life. If any of the above items had happened to me in any year other than 2017, I would have handled myself, and the situation, much more poorly.

I credit my good rapport to years in therapy and the determination to better myself, for myself.

How do I do it?

Well first, I mess up. There are moments, mostly in my car, where I am wallowing in the negative. I mean, crying/screaming/complaining, downright just giving into those negative thoughts that pop into my head.

I feel it and then… I catch myself. This is a constant mental struggle. I am constantly pulling myself out of negative thinking. I cleaned house on social media, removed myself from conversations, and consistently speak positivity even when I may not be feeling it.

I fake it, until I make it.

I’ve been practicing this every day for two years now. I speak positive, and correct my negative thoughts as much as possible. It’s hard! It’s especially hard as unhappy circumstances are happening. But, it gets easier.

I also wake up each morning and the first thing I do is pray a prayer of thanksgiving. I might have a migraine, or had a nightmare, but I thank God for giving me another day.

You do you!

If you need to have post it notes around you at all time with words of affirmation- do it.

If you need to listen to a certain kind of music to put you in a good mood- do it.

If you need to go to therapy- do it.

If you need to journal- do it.

If you need to take a walk- do it.

If you need to get some tattoos, paint your room, dye your hair- do it.

Whatever you need to do, to live the best life each day- do it.

Spread a little kindness too.

In honor of my cousin, I will give a little more of myself this year. 2017 was all about doing what I needed to do for myself, unapologetically. Now, in 2018, I will be giving more of myself, as my cousin always did.

I won’t put off dinner plans, won’t hesitate to help someone put together their latest IKEA find, will tip a little bigger, and spew “I love yous” around like the common cold.

I’m going to laugh a little more, and love harder. 2017 prepared me to be solid in who I am, and in 2018 I’m going to do my best to spread my attitude and positivity to others.

I hope you’ll join me.



Feature image for this post is courtesy of the ever talented Caitlin Joyce
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2 thoughts on “From my Hart: New Year, Same Attitude”

  1. This was full of how much you care for others and showed this by giving positive responses to tough situations. I hope you will find peace in your loss. I am so sorry a young cousin died. . . 🕊️ 🌸


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