From the Hart: Cleaning Silver

My closest friends and family know this about me: I am a clean freak. Nothing throws my anxiety out of wack more than a mess, and I find it relaxing and peaceful when I’ve complete the task.

I also am an old lady at heart, and love things like knitting, and doing house chores. That being said, I found some of my Grandmother’s silver, while organizing the pantry, and it was completely tarnished! I used to play with these pieces as a child, and was saddened to see them almost black with age.IMG_4717

To Pinterest I ran! I searched for ways to un-tarnish silver, and set out over the next two days to complete this new task. I found a post by Courtenay. The process was simple:

  1. Line your sink with tin foil (shiny side up)
  2. Add tarnished silver
  3. Cover with baking soda
  4. Boils lots of water and pour to cover the items

This worked wonders for Courtenay. And, as you will see, it sort of worked for me.

I still had quite a bit of tarnish after this process. In her post, Courtenay makes a nod at using toothpaste to help rid tarnish. I grabbed my trusty purple cleaning toothbrush, a toothbrush I’ve designated to cleaning only, and a tube of toothpaste.


A word of advice: you will get messy. I had toothpaste all over my hands, just roll with it.

I was shocked at how well this worked! I don’t have patience, so I didn’t wait long once I covered the items in toothpaste. I assume, the longer you let it sit, the better? Either way, it worked incredibly well!

I used the toothbrush to apply and scrub the toothpaste all over the silver pieces. This was perfect to help get into all of the ornate aspects of the silver. I used the toothbrush to then scrub off all of the, now grey, toothpaste under warm water.

The pieces overall, look much better! They were covered in about 10 years of tarnish, so there is still room for improvement, but I’m pleased! I’ve included the before and after image below, I’d love to hear your thoughts and any tips you may have!

BeFunky Collage.jpg


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