From my Hart: Valentine’s Day

With only one month until Valentine’s Day & quite a few people coming to me with Valentine’s related questions, I thought I’d translate those conversations into a blog post for y’all!

Do my boyfriend & I celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Answer: eh.

Right, that’s not really an answer, so here is my explanation. Over the last three years, my boyfriend has made it clear that he doesn’t think we should express our love one day a year just because Hallmark tells us to. Sounds like a cliche cop-out right? Except, I agree with him.

My boyfriend and I tend to buy gifts, affirm each other verbally, etc. throughout the year. While we try not to limit our love expressing to one day, we don’t actually hate the holiday. Every year we say we won’t celebrate, then one of us breaks and gets the other something, and so on.

This year however, we are going to be really strict about not celebrating in the traditional sense. We started discussing ideas for how to celebrate (I’ll get into those in the next section) but then quickly realized we have some bigger goals we’d like to accomplish in 2018 that we would rather save up for.


Valentine’s Day Gift / Celebration Ideas:

Having said all of the above, my boyfriend & I did come up with some fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that I would love to share with you!

Couples Massage

My boyfriend was not happy when I suggested that he lay on a table and let some stranger rub all over him. However, he really messed up his shoulder once & I managed to convenience him a massage would help. It did, and he loves getting them now!

You could make this a DIY and give each other massages or you could go get a couples massage! You could even get really fancy and make a weekend stay out of it! It’s completely up to you!

Man Crates

I gave this gift to my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day one year & he loved it! He’s a huuge Yankees fan, & I gifted him their MLB crate (Yankee’s goods included) & their Jerky Heart. I think I loved this gift almost as much as he did.

Man Crates has gift crates filled with awesome goodies that you man will need to break open to get to! Grab the crowbar & hammer fellas! They also have expanded into other crazy fun manly gifts like puzzle boxes, pipe carving, food, sports, & other awesome gift ideas!

Man crate: complete with duct-tape gift wrapping

Dinner Together

As basic as this is, it really is wonderful. I’m lucky in the sense that my boyfriend & I love  to try new foods, and create dishes together. Take the time to make your significant other’s favorite meal, or go splurge and enjoy that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try!

A Card

I’ve never been a card person, so it’s taken some getting used to that my boyfriend is always giving me cards for holidays. Now I have a collection of all of his cards and love looking back & reading them.

Take the time to write out your love for one another- it’s a beautiful keepsake.


Hear me out, haha! Do your significant other’s chores or least favorite duty for them. My boyfriend does our laundry, so I could easily take over that job and give him some free time to do something else!

Not to mention, I know he would love coming home on a Tuesday & seeing all of our clothes washed & put away- the relief of knowing he won’t have to do them the next day would be great!

In the same idea realm, doing something your significant other has long wanted to do with you is great also!


We decided to take a few minutes each day to get closer to one another via this book: 31 Creative Ways to Encourage Him & Her. This is not an ad, I am just so excited that we have another wonderful opportunity to learn about each other and grow. I think this is crucial in relationships no matter how long you have been together!

In the past, we have read & discussed Gary Chapman’s book: Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married. This format of reading and discussing topics works well for us.

It’s quick and simple for him, & feeds my inner nerd. Most importantly, we both are given a platform to discuss topics we never would have thought to discuss before. We learn about each other and what makes us tick. I highly recommend trying this no matter what stage of a relationship you are in!


As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading & I hope that I’ve helped you with Valentine’s Day, or given you something new to try any day! Most of all, love yourself & loving other’s come easily. Until next time y’all!




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