From my Hart: Instant Pot Review

Hello friends! I come to you today with an honest review of the famed Instant Pot. I’m almost afraid to post this, because I know the Instant Pot has a cult-like following, and we knew nothing about it (other than it’s popularity) before using it. This review shows our honest feelings, and what trials/successes we had in our first two times using the Instant Pot!

All of that being said- let’s dive right in.

First Attempt:

My Mom got the Instant Pot Duo Plus 60 and because it is hers, she got to be the lucky one to take it for a spin. The meal she decided to cook was Chicken Pot Pie, with a cook time of four (4) minutes.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 8.30.51 PM

Once all items were in the Instant Pot, Mom began the cooking process. It took about 25 minutes for the Instant Pot to heat up, and then four (4) minutes to cook.

We all were under the assumption that once the four (4) minutes of cooking time was complete, we could eat. WRONG. It is a pressure cooker after all, and after speaking with family who use Instant Pot, and reading the instruction manual, we found that the pot could take anywhere from 10-40 minutes to release pressure.

That being said, it was now encroaching on two hours since Mom began cooking, and we were feeling a bit of anger towards the Instant Pot. I for one, felt I was led into some false advertising plot. The food however, was phenomenal and switched us from negative to positive feelings.

I mean, we didn’t even need to use knives to cut the chicken, just touched it with our forks and the chicken fell apart. The biscuits, that were on top, were flaky inside and deliciously gooey from the juices on the outside. The meal was sick-to-your-ribs filling and full of flavor.

Chicken Pot Pie- those are biscuits on top- YUMMO

First Impression:

As I said, we wrongly assumed that this Instant Pot would be done and ready to open after the given cook time. Now we know to add anywhere from 10-40 minutes onto that for the pot to release pressure. I must say, the favors saved it for me. If the food was mediocre, I would not say the prep/cook/release time was worth it. HOWEVER that was one of the most delicious meals I’ve had. Totally worth it.

Second Attempt:

Wednesday’s are the night my boyfriend and I cook for the family! He found a BBQ Pork Chop recipe, that required us to sear the chops in the Instant Pot first. I must say, we both were very impressed. The Instant Pot took about two minutes to get screaming hot and seared 10 pork chops in about six minutes. We were able to sear two at a time inside the pot.

Searing up well!


Once this step was complete, we set all the chops inside with broth and BBQ sauce, and set the Instant Pot to eight (8) minutes. After the eight cooking minutes were up, the Instant Pot begins counting up in minutes as the pressure is released. The recipe my boyfriend found said it should take about 10 minutes for the pressure to naturally release.

Calling all chops for a bath!

Y’all, I do not have patience, at all. Around minute 16 I started to loose hope once again in the Instant Pot. At minutes 25, the Instant Pot was finally done releasing pressure and we were ready to eat!


Second Impression:

These pork chops shred to the touch! They were not dry, not tough, and were cooked perfectly. They tasted so good, by far the best pork chops I’ve had that were home made.

Final thoughts:

I’m still pretty upset at this varying pressure release time. The food is incredible, I mean mind blowing amazing. However, I’m pretty hung up on the pressure release. I don’t have patience, so I’m trying to be understanding, but that is still my only complaint about the Instant Pot.

I would however recommend the Instant Pot!

Even including the pressure release time, the total amount of time “cooking” is significantly less than traditional methods. Not to mention there is only ONE POT to clean up at the end of the night…. hello!

If you have the Instant Pot I’d really love to hear your thoughts as well! Also, share some recipes! I’m always looking for new foods to cook. Enjoy y’all & thanks for stopping by!

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