From my Hart: Knits from my Hart

Hell y’all! I wanted to properly introduce a new page you may or may not have noticed. At the top of my blog, you will now see Knits from my Hart. Here is where I will keep all of my knitting posts.

Knitting began for me around 2014 and has recently grown into an all encompassing hobby. I am fully aware that my knitting may come in waves, but for the last five months, I feel that I have been knitting incisively! I love it, always have.

Thanks to a friend at work, I’ve been able to learn how to knit hats, and so I’ve added that to my arsenal of knitting skills. I’ve also been taking on “clients” and have been knitting for those closest to me.

Will I open a platform that allows me to make some profit from my knitting, who knows?! Right now I am still hungry to learn and share and that is exactly where this new page steps in!

I hope you all will join me in each new knit and purl of this journey.

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