From my Hart: Baby Knits

Hey y’all! I’m at the stage in life where the constant wedding showers are starting to turn into baby showers… & I love it! I’ve really got this awesome aunt thing down- I think it’s my calling in life.

Any who, one of my sorority sisters & awesome friends is having the cutest baby girl, and her co-ed shower (which I love co-ed showers by the way) is Star Wars themed! She asked me to knit a Princess Leia hat for her baby girl. WHOO YAS

This was definitely trial & error. Knitting the hat was simple-dimple, but how was I going to achieve her classic buns? My initial thought was to braid, and then sew the braids together into a circle by spiraling it. Once I attached a bun to the hat, it blended right it. I was not happy; off to Pinterest I went.

I noticed one person used, what I assumed to be, a doughnut shaped pieced of card stock with string wrapped around it to make the puffy buns; just like you could with hair. But I really wanted baby K to be able to wear this hat & didn’t think that would be the best choice.

I decided to use the braided brown yarn, but to stack the braids on top of one another as I spiraled them, instead of laying them flat. This gave more dimension & distinction from the rest of the hat.

I also noticed the buns in all of the pins I was viewing, were lower on the hat and hanging off, instead of flush with the hat; so I lowered them instead of sewing them right in the middle of the hat.

Y’all I am so happy with my first Princess Leia baby hat! I think it is so stinking cute! I cannot wait to see this on display at Ashley & Jeffery’s shower & absolutely cannot wait to see their sweetie pie with it on.


I hope this inspires you to try and create some out of the normal knits & if you have any fun designs you’ve done, please share! I’d love to check them out and keep the creative juices flowing.

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