From my Hart: Tips for Good Health

The flu has been real this season y’all. Below, I’ve mapped out some super simple things that we all should be doing daily. I think it’s always great to bounce ideas off of one another and add some best practices to our arsenal.

I will tell you what my doctor told me: the flu has so many strands, that if you are waiting around for the “typical flu” symptoms, you might be mistaken. Always consult a medical professional, and don’t wait until you are so sick that your only option is a ride in an ambulance.

doTERRA On Guard Beadlet’s

I take two of these daily. You can buy them here, via Amazon, or directly through doTERRA. They are smaller than any pill I’ve ever seen, and are filled with the following essential oils: wild orange, clove bud, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus & rosemary.

Why? These tiny beadlet’s pack a punch & support your immune and respiratory health. Hey, every little bit helps!


Utilize my Diffuser & Oils

On that same topic, I have been utilizing my diffuser like a mad-woman. Between my Mom’s essential oil collection, and our own, my boyfriend and I have been able to customize our daily blends for our daily health needs.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I love Nerys Purchon & Lora Cantele’s essential oil handbook! You can find that here, on Amazon. Let’s say I have a cough… I can flip right to the index, find cough, then flip to pages that will tell me which oils to use (and how to use them) to combat said cough. This goes for ANY ailment you may have.


Disclaimer: Please make sure when using essential oils that you do your research. Not only do you want 100% pure essential oil, you also want to make sure you are using them safely, and in the proper dosage and way.


Aside from drinking half my body weight in water each day (which has SO many health benefits) I have been drinking tea non-stop! I will add in honey or some lemon, and sometimes even some essential oils! This further helps fight off any sick feelings, and helps keep me warm!


Say No

I have turned down certain events bases on my weekly schedule, because I know I would be running ragged. Taking time to yourself to just do nothing, can really help keep your immune system up to speed. I learned this the hard way- by always saying yes and paying the price: mentally and physically.

Think about it this way: If you drive you car and never refill the gas, you car won’t drive anymore! Same goes for your body; you need to REST and take some time to yourself. By scheduling some down time, and saying no, you are preserving your health.

Plus puppy cuddles are the best

Wash my hands / Clean my work space

Please wash your hands… a lot. Not only do I wash my hands after opening mail or touching random things in the office, I also make sure to use Purell after I’ve pumped gas, or touched doors/items in public. Then I run straight to the bathroom and wash my hands when I am able.

Tip: Sing happy birthday (mentally, or out loud- you do you) while washing your hands with soap and the warmest water you can manage. Then, use the paper towel to turn off the faucet & to open the bathroom door.

I also keep Clorox wipes by my desk and wipe down my keyboard, mouse pad, and desk daily. Further, I avoid those in the office who are sick… avoid them like the plague haha!

Really simple, but effective

I do not believe that I’m a medical professional. However, I do the above daily to try and manage my health as best as I can. Eating well is also a huge key to staying healthy. With the right diet, necessary vitamins are consumed and help fight of illness.

Additionally, I’ve had some tough emotional times this past winter, and cannot stress how important it has been for me to listen to my body. Doing that has further allows you to rest when needed, and know when your not feeling right.

I hope you have learned something, and that you too try and stay healthy this winter, & always!


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