From my Hart: Coffee or Tea

Here is an inspiring riddle I heard this on a local radio station the other morning…. for all of my coffee and tea debaters, this is right up your alley!

The scenario:

If you have a full cup in the morning, what is inside? Coffee or tea? You go about your morning, sipping on your beverage of choice, walking down the street, when all of the sudden someone bumps into you.

Your cup is also bumped, because you are holding onto your cup. So what spills out?

Coffee or tea of course.

Okay so…?

The same situation can be applied to you as a human.

If you moving through life and get bumped into, whatever fills you up inside is what will spill out of you.  If you fill yourself with negativity, that is what will come out when you hit a bump in the road.

The goal, is to fill yourself with gratefulness, kindness and positivity, so that when you get bumped by life, those are the things that spill out of you!

*Insert aha moment here*

I hope that hit a core for you as it did for me! Here’s to Friday, and may you fill your cup with your favorite beverage, and your soul with all things positive!

the feature image for this post can be found at The Child at Heart Blog

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