From my Hart: Kindness

The end of 2017 was a roller-coaster for myself and my family. With the sudden death of my cousin, our December was turned upside down.

What I wish to blog about today is kindness.

I am fortunate enough to say, that I was very much overwhelmed with the amount of kindness that I received after my cousin passed. However, I am feeling very moved by the lack of kindness from those who didn’t know her well, or at all.

Why bother with them?

The question is valid & I would love to say that I avoided the negativity swiftly in the wake of her passing, but that is not true; thanks to social media.

The amount of people who were able to leave their extremely negative and insensitive comments on the breaking new of the accident, are things I am haunted by still today and wish I had never seen.

A plea for kindness

In this new year, I am asking for kindness. I hope from the bottom of my heart, that you would think twice before leaving a negative comment, before cussing out that car that cut you off, before getting angry with someone for not holding the door, etc.

My mother always told me that you never know someones side of the story. The person who cut you off could be rushing off to the hospital; the person who didn’t hold the door could have just lost their job, etc.

But also, that person could just be an @$$, and that is the type of person who needs kindness more than any of us.

I will admit, in the moment this is very hard. But if we all make an effort to try and be more kind, we can really make a difference in this world! The idea pairs well with my post from last week about filling yourself up with positivity.

Kindness always

This doesn’t just mean being kind to someone who wasn’t kind to you. This also means being kind to others who are kind. Spread kindness around like confetti!

Additionally, I encourage you to think twice before commenting on a post or a news article on social media. Think about those effected by the news, and could we all stop with the backhanded negativity? You know what I mean: “I’m so sorry this happened to you, but….”

This is particularly hard, and something I fail at often. With the ease of access today, and the new community groups online, information is zooming into our faces almost as instantly as it happens. Our responses though, do not have to happen so instantly, or at all for that matter.

My goals in kindness

Wish you saw more positive things on social media? Post them.

Want to see more happiness in the world? Smile more. Say hello to others!

Having a bad day? Turn up some happy tunes and focus on something fun upcoming.

Wish people cared a little more? Be intentional with those in your life.

Being kind begins as a choice, and develops into a habit. You may be tested, or take a step back, but so long as you are trying to be kind always, things work out for the best.


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