From my Hart: Spreading Kindness

Hey y’all! I initially posted this to LinkedIn, but thought I could really expand on it here. Since my boyfriend and I started reading #31CreativeWays, From my Hart: 31 Creative Ways Review, I’ve really been more intentional with everyone in my life. That includes my co-workers.

How so? Here’s an example using Valentine’s Day:

It took 30 minutes for our digital marketing manager to create these cards. Only one hour to write 3 things we like about each employee to put on the cards. 10 minutes to stuff mugs with Hershey kisses. Hardly any time at all to hand these out & make peoples day.

Kendall has a gift y’all… HOW CUTE ARE THESE!?

I’ve been reading a lot of statistics lately that not only do employees feel more valued, but they also are more productive and take less sick time when an employer gives a little recognition & adds some fun to the office. It’s doesn’t have to be a grand gesture… but I promise the results will be.

People in the office are still commenting on how much they loved the cards and candy. I’ve noticed everyone still has their card on display at their desk, and even though the mugs were ones we had in house, the gesture went far beyond what we expected.

Kindness is simple

Making someone’s day does not have to be a grand gesture. It could be something as simple as letting someone in front of you while driving, or holding the door open for someone. Take a few seconds to send a text to someone in your life, letting them know you love them and are proud of them… or whatever you feel moved to say!

Lending an ear, or helping someone who is busy while you have some down time, are all great examples of simple ways to show kindness too. I’ll let you in on a little secret too, spreading kindness makes you feel really good too!

To my readers & followers

I’m so thankful for y’all! You’ve taken the time out of your day, to hear what I have to say, and that is magic! Because of you, I have this wonderful opportunity to do what I love- writing- and that means the world to me. THANK YOU!

Let’s take this FriYAY and spread some kindness around! Have a great weekend you awesome person you.

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