From my Hart: Humidifier

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to whip up a quick review on a humidifier my boyfriend bought. I thought this would be fun because I was totally against buying the thing. Let’s dive in!

Aren’t humidifiers for babies?

I sure thought so. I only have memories of being a sick child, and seeing my Mom fill up that square VICKS humidifier for me. The green glow illuminating my room and supposedly helping me sleep.

We use a diffuser religiously each night, so when my parents and boyfriend kept bringing up the need for a humidifier, I just brushed it off. You see, if it wasn’t for my boyfriends almost nightly bloody noses, I probably never would have gone along with the purchase. I’ve linked the one we bought off Amazon here.

Both my parents and grandparents have a heavy duty humidifier they sleep with. They purchased their off of QVC, and I’ll admit, watching the presentation helped me understand the benefits. I just didn’t understand why we need a humidifier when our diffuser was also putting off moisture.

Night one

Our humidifier arrived and I set it up, hoping to get some moisture in the air for when my boyfriend arrived home. Except… I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on. It has one of those censored buttons, where you don’t actually push anything, you just kid of tap the on/off area and it goes on. Whoops…

So after getting this bad boy on, thanks to my Dad and boyfriend, we left our room to go eat dinner. We slightly closed the door behind us as we left, to keep the moisture and warmth in. I should mention here, we left the humidifier on high.

About an hour or so later, I walked back into our room and boy was there a noticeable difference. I could see the entire room was almost misty. Nothing was wet to the touch, but the air was visibly filled with mist. Freaked out that something was wrong, I called in my parents, who told me to turn the machine down to low and relax- it was just doing its job.

A week later

We’ve been using the humidifier each night for a week. My boyfriend hasn’t had a bloody nose, and his coughing has reduced by 99%. We both are sleeping more soundly, and our skin is not as cracked. I’m sold. It’s a relief to know that he won’t suddenly be gushing out blood, and that we both are more sound sleepers.

How do you clean it?

Our machine suggests you clean it after every third use. I pulled off the water tank, ran the filter under frigid cold water, and set it out to air dry. Next I emptied the tank of any leftover water, put some white vinegar inside, a smidge of water, and let it sit for 30 minutes. I did slosh the vinegar/water around and made sure to turn the tank onto each side and let it sit. After 30 minuets, I rinsed out the tank until I could no longer smell vinegar. I also wiped down the rest of the machine.

Overall thoughts

Because our night time issues have almost completely gone away, I’m giving this machine at 4.5 out of 5.

Set up, use, upkeep, is all relatively simple. If you’re not having any issues (bloody noses, coughing, dry skin, etc.) I would have a hard time selling you on a humidifier. If you are having issues though, I think it’s worth it!

& all of this is coming from someone who didn’t see the need to buy one at first!

Hope you enjoyed this review & if you are looking into a humidifier, I hope this helps! Have a great day y’all!

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