From my Hart: Adulting

Hello friends! This past weekend was full of about as much “adulting” as one could come up with. I completely dropped the ball and missed my regularly scheduled post on Monday- so sorry! Here’s what’s been going on to keep my mind so all over the place.

What’s been happening?

I want to give a huge congratulations to my boyfriend on his first car purchase! He took his time to do thorough research, get pricing from various places, review his budget, and ultimately seal the deal. He’s cruising around on some new wheels and I am so happy that he is happy! It’s been a long time coming, he’s been talking about a new car since I met him, and I’m so happy to watch him take this big step. Well done!


We also, went out an viewed more homes this week! We are getting serious about moving into our own place, and really are having fun with the search. One thing we keep telling each other is, when the right house for us comes along, God will let us know. So far there have been two homes we loved, that someone else snatched up first. While this was initially disappointing, it clearly wasn’t meant for us.

Among those two big ticket items, we also successfully ran errands, like getting goodies for a sister’s baby shower, went grocery shopping, as well as helping the family while others are sick!

Additionally, work has been full of fun events for me this week. We hosted a Cabin Fever party, which ended in some breakfast food comas and people lounging around in their pjs. We also took some time to try the BreakOut escape rooms & honor a co-worker who is moving to Texas! There was mention of me traveling to Canada later this year to help out with an event, as well as some awesome projects for me to add to my list in the office.

Life, ain’t it grand?

Things are busy busy around here. My boyfriend and I are just getting over round two of the illness nasty stuff that has been going around for the last month and drove right back into things. It’s important to find a balance though. While this weekend is going to be just as busy, it’ll be important to find time to just be still.

This is hard for me. I have to practice saying no, and schedule down time for myself. It’s a lesson I advocate for strongly! Take some time today to look at your schedule. Is it swamped? Do you need to schedule some down time? Go on! Don’t feel guilty, you need to care for yourself, or you won’t be able to help others or complete your tasks well.

Have a happy Friday, be thankful for what you’ve got, for what you’ve accomplished & take some time for you!



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