From my Hart: Starch Free

WHEW LAWRD! If you told me that I would be sitting in March, having given up all things starch for over a month now, I would call you crazy.

When it comes to food I do not have discipline. I can confidently say, at 26 years old, that moderation is not something I am capable of with food. I’ve been known to put back half a dozen donuts in a 15 minute car ride before.20195_10204753556418565_6711143627010392960_n

Donuts are my weakness, pasta runs through my veins, and genuinely find happiness in eating!

Something had to change

All of that being said… I hated where I was. I had never been so inactive before, and when I took a step back, I noticed I was filling my diet with carbs and starches. No wonder I was eating so much and not feeling full.

I knew I should exercise more, & I also knew I should stop eating these starchy foods. It wasn’t until a friend at work talked to me in depth about her starch free diet, that I thought I could actually achieve something.


What is starch free

I cut out all grains, oats, beans, soy, rice, bread, pastas, etc. It was difficult. The first week I was one hangry human. However, now that I have taken the time to educate myself and go grocery shopping, I’m doing really well! I’m down 10 pounds and no longer get the shakes from my blood sugar going wonky.

I have more energy and sleep better at night- that’s because my body is burning off the fuel I feed it, instead of storing it!

Do I have room for improvement? Uh, yeah.

Do I foresee this as a diet, something I will reverse down the road? Surprisingly no.

I am really happy without the starches. My body just feels so much better, and I’m shocked with how much processed foods (granola bars, light snack packs, etc) I was eating, trying to fool myself that they were healthy!

I’d like to continue my research, and take things a step further. I need to get up and moving and do some form of exercise & I’d love to introduce more healthy real food options into my diet.

What about you?

Have any of you gone starch free or Keto? I’m not sure the difference, that’s part of my research soon, but I’ve heard a lot of people tell me what I am doing is very close to the Keto diet. If you are doing something similar… let’s swap recipes, successes/failures & support!

Happy eating & have a great weekend!

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