From my Hart: Piper’s Book

I’m a writer… I’ve been blessed to craft some really great works over my 26 years, spanning from different speeches, to short stories. I am always honored when someone asks me to create something for them, be it professionally or personally. That’s why I made this blog! I. Love. To. Write!

It’s been weighing on my heart recently that my niece Piper has an incredible Aunt, up in heaven, Gigi. So I decided to write and curate a book for her to preserve her Aunt’s love. It was also therapeutic for me since I got a good hard cry out of writing the little poem for Piper. Let’s be honest, I cried over everything.

All of the pictures and quotes in the book are pulled right from Gigi’s facebook and a photo sharing ap we all are on. Gigi took the beautiful beach pictures at the end; that was her happy place. You will also see a guardian angel poem that I found peace in, as well as lyrics from one of my favorite Christian songs that I really feel encompassed how Gigi lived.

I hope you enjoy.

Piper’s Book:



special thanks to Shutterfly for printing this and making something so hard easy

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