From my Hart: This or That?

Hello friends! Today I bring a little Instagram fun to the blog! If you have IG you may have noticed people answering questions in their stories. I’ve decided to do the same, but to expand on it here for you all.

This will be tons of fun & allow us to get to know one another better! I grabbed these templates from The Sunday Chapter, and will post one a week! Today is… This or That?


Coffee or Tea:

I love coffee, I have to have a cup first thing in the morning. I enjoy it, I love the taste and the variations! However, I so enjoy having a good tea, be that alone, or out for high tea with family or friends! I picked coffee however because, I get a headache if I don’t have a cup first thing, and it was my first love. I do enjoy tea though, and often switch over to tea come 3 p.m. or I’m all jittery.

Sweet or Savory:

Y’all… sweet hands down! You guys should know this about me! I love nothing more than a doughnut, cake, crepe, cupcake, all of that goodness! I’ll pass on the gummies, etc but! I will always go for sweets over savory.

City or Beach:

Given the choice, I choose the beach. To me, nothing is better than that after dinner moment, walking along the beach as the sun sets into twilight. I love visiting the city, but I could never stay there for long periods of time.

Books or Movies:

I’m not really a movie girl. I don’t know why, I always enjoy myself when I do go to the movies. It’s strange, I’m never like “yes lets go to the movies!” Anyway, I only began enjoying books in high school, and now I love reading and collecting books! I’m currently reading The Energy Bus, and you can bet there will be a blog post about that coming soon!

Night In or Night Out:

Ya girl has not had a good night out since 2016, and man do I enjoy them. However, I am secretly an old grandma and nothing makes me happier than staying home. I get excited about going home, or cooking at home, or a weekend where I do nothing but stay home!

Dog or Cat:

I’m allergic to cats, however I think they are rude; that’s just my experience. I love kittens, cute as can be, but cats are just mean. I don’t enjoy them. Doggos however, whew move over humans! I go out of my way to pet and love on any doggie I see. I love my doggie more than anything. Dogs are the definition of unconditional love. THE. BEST.

Pizza or Pasta:

Pasta all the way! Might I add, since going starch free it is what I miss the most. God I could sink my teeth into some gnocchi right now! Pizza is good, but I think it’s over done since it’s my Dad’s #1 go to. Also, if you eat pizza, please eat it properly, the fold, and enjoy some thin crust for me. 🙂

This or That?

I hope y’all enjoyed reading my opinions on the “this or that” choices! Please do the same so we can share the fun & get to know one another!

Have a great day!

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