From my Hart: About Me Q&A

Hello all! I’m back today with another wonderfully fun story template from The Sunday Chapter. Today, is a quick Q&A about me! Let’s get to it!

Always in my bag:

Hand sanitizer, hands down. Hahaha! I’m a germaphobe, so I am constantly using hand sanitizer. I’ve got one in my car, and in my desk as well. Always within an arms reach 🙂

A bad habit I have:

I bite my nails y’all, badly! The only way I don’t is if I’ve got nail polish on them. So, I go an get gel manicures as often as I can, and usually end up painting them myself majority of the time so keep them looking decent.

First thing I do in the morning:

Pray. I hit that alarm and go right into prayer. This took a lot of conscious effort on my part. Usually I just thank God for another day and then my other prays come easily. I wanted to start my day positivity, instead of jumping right into social media and all of that drama.

A fear I have:

Home issues? What I mean by this is a fire, break in, gas leak, tornado, explosion, you name it. My anxiety is high because I’ve got a sweet doggy at home, so whenever I leave the house these are thoughts I have to combat. Thankfully, since getting the Ring security doorbell, that anxiety has gone down tremendously! Let me know if you’d like a review on this.

Currently loving on Insta:

That would be my girl @alyson_haley! You can find her beautiful blog here, and I’m just so obsessed with her style, decor, puppers & down to earth personality! She is worth checking out!

More to come…

I’ve got a few more of these waiting in the wings, I hope you enjoy, share, and join in!

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