From my Hart: House Hunting

Everyone, we found the house! OUR house, the house that felt so right, but… we’re not moving in.

What happened?

We stumbled upon a short sale, in a neighborhood we loved, close to stores, our church and to the highway to get to work. It was in our budget, and already had everything we wanted plus more! Hello perfection!

When I walked in, my eyes lit up, and our realtor looked right at me and said “this is the one.” I could no longer contain the feelings I was trying to hide; with each step further into the house I was getting more and more excited.

My parents were with me, as my boyfriend was out of town. Dad went full inspector by turning on lights, turning on appliances, flushing toilets, making sure things were in working order.

Mom was getting more and more excited as we ventured from room to room, and even began talking about house warming gifts and what to do with the spaces. I was texting my boyfriend pictures and we planned on viewing it again the next day with him, so we could sign the papers for our offer.

My boyfriend and I talked in length about it, and he gave me his blessing; if the house looked anything like the pictures, and felt right, to have our realtor draw up the papers. Don’t worry, I didn’t go rogue and try to buy a house without him.

Next steps

The next day I was watching the clock, I couldn’t wait to go see it again. When the time came, and I was walking out of the office to go meet my boyfriend at our house, I got two calls that changed everything. First from my realtor, who was audibly shaken. “Jamie I could cry…”

Due to the nature of a short sale, once an offer comes in, the reviewer has 30-40 days to only view the offer placed in front of them. We were now second in line for our home. Even if we offered two million for the home, and the first offer was for 150k, they would have had no idea of our offer unless the reviewer passed on the first offer.

Pissed, to say the least, I got in my car and start driving. Rationalizing to myself that the first offer would be rudely low and they would move onto our offer. That was when our loan officer called. “The bank is only willing to give 1% for closing costs…”

Excuse me…

It was at this point, that I realized there was nothing we could do. Our house, was not going to be ours. The irony is, both my boyfriend and I prayed the night before (without realizing each others prayer) that if this was meant to be, that God would show us. Well, he sure did.

Did I ugly cry the entire way to the house? Yep. Did I walk though again with just as much excitement and still feel right at home? Yep. Did my boyfriend love it? Yep.

Did the reviewer accept the first offer? Yep. It’s with some sense of relief I write that. For the past month I have been obsessing over getting into this house. That somehow, they would pass on the first offer, that everything would line up and we would get the house. After a month of emotions, I’m glad there is no longer a chance, and I can finally move on and focus my sights on finding another house.

Now what?

My boyfriend was able to focus on the future more quickly than I was. See above haha. We’ve seen a bunch of houses since & are determined to let go and let God.

Our realtor and loan officer, are an incredible team. Both understanding the heartbreak and offering words of encouragement and support. Our realtor even began making advancements to see if we could find another house in that same neighborhood.

I glad that we had this experience. We’ve learned a lot, and most importantly, I know the feeling. That feeling when there’s not doubt in your mind if the house is right or not. We’re thankful to our families, team & God, for walking along with us and pointing us in the right direction.

So the hunt continues my friends! We shall see were this journey ends up; thanks for tagging along!


Feature image from google stock images.

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