From my Hart: Trader Joe’s Haul

Hey friends! I hope you’ve come to know now, that food makes me very happy. After an awesome morning out with my Mom on Saturday, we decided to take a trip into Trader Joe’s.

I had no idea this magical place even existed until my roommate Lauren, pronounced La-ren, showed me. As you can tell by her name, this swanky chick has insights to all sorts of awesome things; Trader Joe’s was one of them!

What did we get?

First thing first, we got some flowers. Their selection is unbeatable, people even use them for weddings y’all, and the prices are right. I got a succulent for my Grandma and Mom got a nice fresh bouquet of wild flowers.

I then went completely nuts up and down the isles. Reminder- I’m still starch-free, so I was on the hunt for some awesome finds that fit the category. Unfortunately, I was so excited I didn’t stop to read the boxes haha.

Cauliflower-Pizza-CrustThis first item is not starch free, but don’t worry, it won’t go to waste & is still a healthy alternative to regular crust. We usually make out own at home, which is starch free, but this is obviously much faster! Doesn’t it look yummy?!


I was super stoked and didn’t read the ingredients on this item until I had already indulged. These gnocchi taste nothing like cauliflower and were so yummy! I missed pasta so badly… not starch free but such a great alternative!


Alright friends, I did better with this item. There is cornstarch, but just a tiny bit! These are a great alternative to get in some veggies. I still eat meat/seafood/poultry, but I have always loved a good veggie burger! I passed over the bean filled ones, tons of starch in beans, and grabbed these!


As I mentioned, I miss pasta, and rice for that matter. In the beginning of my starch-free journey it was bad, I mean I was hangry. Since I haven’t had rice or pasta for so long though, my cravings are almost gone. I scooped this up though because if I can have something pasta-like, why not!

curry chick label front

My favorite item from our trip was this chicken salad! OHHHHH it’s so so very good. It’s not spicy, I don’t do well with hot/spicy foods, and I couldn’t get enough of it! This is a must have for me from now on!

Grand Total

I also grabbed some of my boyfriends favorites, meat pies, pot stickers, etc. I needed one of those big Trader Joe’s freezer bags and I also picked up some of their pre-made salads for work lunches! Don’t forget, I grabbed a few of each of the above items. My total was around $50. If I had gotten these same items at my local grocery store, I would’ve been way over that!

Not to mention, Trader Joe’s is fun, at least I think, and has some awesomely unique foods that local stores just don’t carry. I’m excited to go to my doctors soon, because they are right next to a Trader Joe’s! You can bet I’ll be heading back in every chance I get.


Images can be found here:
Pizza Crust
Veggie Patties
Chicken Salad



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