From my Hart: Save That Money

Hey friends! I wanted to share with you two quick tools I use to try and stretch the almighty dollar.

The closest grocery store to me is actually out of state, and it’s Walmart. Oh the joys of living in the country next to the state line. I don’t mind shopping here, unlike some; I think that is because I love to go grocery shopping.

Walmart App

Do yourself a huge favor and download the Walmart App. Within this app, there the “Savings Catcher” tool. THIS COULD NOT, be more simple.

How to use the Savings Catcher Tool

When you shop at Walmart, just simply open the ap, open Savings Catcher, scan the barcode at the bottom of your receipt and select the date purchased.

I do this while I am still at checkout, just because I don’t want to forget to do it later. It takes no time at all, literally just a few seconds. You have seven days from date of purchase to scan in your receipt. In about 72 hours, your receipt will be processed and you will know what was found!

What it does

The ap searches other stores for the same items you bought at Walmart. If another store carries an item you bought for less, you get the difference!

The ap then sores all of the money and you can use it anytime you want! Initially, I was using the money every time I went to the store.

However, now I am holding on and watching it grow so I can use it during Christmas or at the end of the year to pay for an entire shopping trip!



In addition to the Savings Catcher tool, I also use Ibotta thanks to a co-worker. I will say, Ibotta is not as fast as the savings catcher ap, but I find it fun!

Once you sign up, you then select the store in which you wish to shop. You can do almost any store, so this is a great way to earn money not from food shopping! Let’s stick with Walmart for this example though.

How to use Ibotta

I open the ap, click on Walmart, then scroll through all of the offers. I select the offers that I purchased. For example: 25 cents back on any purchase, or 50 cents back on Cottonelle toilet paper, $1 back on Simply Orange orange juice.

You can do this at any time! Literally, while in the store, after shopping, a few days before, day of- whatever works. Note, offers will be added so I suggest doing this after shopping to maximize your earnings!


Once I’ve scrolled through all of the offers, I click on “my offers” then redeem. I then scan the receipt and boom… get money! I am holding onto my earnings until the end of the year as well.

You can earn money by inviting friends, and also are able to see how much your friends are earning!

Shopping Fun!

Now, grocery shopping has turned into a fun scavenger hunt for extra savings and earnings! I hope this helps you, every little bit helps after all.

This article is not an ad, nor am I sponsored by either of these apps to produce this post. I did want to share my Ibotta code, ihdolnw, in case anyone wanted to download the app and help me earn more rewards!

Most importantly, I hope these apps help you save that money & maybe add some more fun to your shopping adventures!


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