From my Hart: Royal Wedding Recap

Hello all! I love me some love, and I love history! Naturally so, I have a fascination with the Royal family due to their rich history. I currently love watching The Crown and their retelling of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

I woke up early to watch the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s Wedding in 2011. I could not resit watching them get married, and still find following them to this day to be wonderful!

However, I was not as eager for this past weeks wedding. I opted to sleep in, and caught up, as I could, throughout the day via social media. That’s not to say I’m unhappy for the couple, just that I wasn’t as invested.

There are a few wonderful things I cannot get enough of though, and I’d like to share my day-of favorites with you!

These Flowers

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 5.44.54 PM

Whhhhhew Lord if I had a couple million to drop on a florist for my wedding day, I’d have the church set up like this as well! I cannot get over the all encompassing simplicity and grandeur of these flowers. It’s just the most fairy tale like touch!

Prince Charles


Now I am NOT a fan of this man, my allegiance is with the late Diana. However, the gesture of him walking her down the isle, beginning where the Royal family was sitting, was a wonderful sentiment. In my opinion, I feel it was his way of accepting and welcoming her into the family.

Also, did you notice an empty seat next to The Duke of Cambridge during the cermony? It was left empty for Diana- cue the tears.

Her shoes!


If you look closely, the soles of her shoes are baby blue! I love traditions, and this is such a sweet way to have something blue on your wedding day. The blue also matched the aquamarine ring of Princess Diana’s that she wore.

Overall thoughts

In general, I think it was a beautiful day! The weather was wonderful, the official pictures were stunning, they both looked wonderful, and I wish them a happy marriage. I love the thoughtfulness that was given to every aspect of their big day, and I hope you enjoyed!

First two photos & feature photo are from Kensington Palace
The shoe picture is from

2 thoughts on “From my Hart: Royal Wedding Recap”

  1. I read that as much as we would love the empty chair to be for Diana’s memory it was, in fact, so the Queen had a clear view of the ceremony.


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