From my Hart: Anniversary Gifts & Message!

Today is the day! It’s my best friends 5th wedding anniversary!

Five years ago today, I rolled over & got as close to my sisters face as I could without scaring her, and told her “today is the day… you’re getting married!”

We spent the entire morning drinking mimosa’s & Starbucks, dancing, singing, & getting ready for her to marry her best friend! It truly was one of the best days, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

And then they up and moved to Florida… hahaha. Don’t get me wrong, that has it’s perks for sure. We still talk daily & hang out whenever one of us is in the other’s state. I couldn’t imagine my life without her, or her husband for that matter.

Each year, I order them a anniversary gift that fit’s the traditional gift for the year of their marriage.

Year one: Paper… I sent them a nice print with their wedding date on it!

Year two: Cotton… they received a pillow with a picture from their wedding day!

Year three: Leather… Mr. & Mrs. luggage tags!

Year four: Fruit & Flowers… edible arrangement all the way!

Year five: Wood…wooden crab mallets (we’re from MD & the bride ordered crabs as a surprise gift) with their last name & wedding date engraved on them! (& another special wooden gift just for the bride that is en route!)

It has become a fun game that I spend a lot of time thinking about & really enjoy always surprising them with this years gift! I think as the Maid of Honor, it’s my duty to keep the traditions going year after year. After all, they do so much for me…

Bonus gratitude post!

To my couple, thank you. Thank you both for picking me up when I’m down. For supporting me. For listening to my crazy stories or ideas. For helping me with computer issues, or phone issues, or any issues. For shared laughs. For amazing memories. For always being friends I can count on, no matter the distance.

Thank you for loving one another, through tick and thin. For supporting and caring for each other. For keeping your faith alive and your family close. For juggling your jobs and a social life. For pushing one another. For keeping your relationship fun. For having such big hearts and for loving each other, always.

To Andrew, you’ll always be Briana’s knight in dress blues… & to Briana, there’s no better friend than a sister, and there’s no better sister than you.

Happy Anniversary!

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