From my Hart: Ice Cream Sundae Bar & Idea!

Hey y’all… it’s a bonus blog day!

Last Thursday at work we hosted an Ice Cream Sundae Bar and it was a huge hit! I’m so excited so share with you an idea I had that I’m going to jump right in!

Caramel and Hot Fudge: Solved

You know how when you have hot fudge or caramel sauce, you have to keep reheating it because it gets so chunky as it cools? Well do I have a solution for you- fulled by my own brain and not Pinterest for once!


Y’all I put water in the crock pot- turned it on, sat the jars of caramel sauce and a jars of hot fudge into the water & they stayed perfectly drizzly the entire time! People were so impressed, I was impressed, and now I’m telling you because I think I’m a genius!


Fun Committee

If you don’t have a fun committee at work, I highly suggest you start one. We hosted this event for $57 flat. It really is the little things that help bring people together & create a sense of community.

Start small with birthday cards- have everyone sign it and get some cupcakes for the birthday girl / boy. Maybe get pizza on a Friday for everyone or donuts one morning. Have fun with it! The options are endless & makes work more fun!


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