From my Hart: We’re Engaged!

If you are a close friend of mine, you’ve seen me plaster the good news all over social media- I am just so excited, and cannot believe… I get to marry my best friend!

The Proposal

While at the lake with my family, we all gathered around the fire during golden hour- which just happens to be my favorite time of day. The setting sun paints everything this beautiful golden hew & being at my favorite place, the setting could not have been better.

I took notice that everyone was outside, but this was not unusual- and I settled into my chair by the fire to watch my cousins try to beat their parents at a game of badminton.

That is when my (now) fiance came up behind me, and asked if I wanted to take a walk. This was also not unusual, as while cooking dinner earlier, he suggested it as I rattled off a million things I wanted to talk to him about.

As we started down towards the dock, I asked him where he wanted to walk to- our options were limited as we walked towards the lake. He suggested the boat, then quickly suggest this large rock, then changed his mind when I questioned the rock, admitting “right here is perfect.”

Confused, I stopped, turned to him and asked what he was doing. It was then that he got this huge smile, his eyes were evening smiling! I must’ve caught on because all I remember was me saying was… “nooooo…… are you really?” and busting into tears as he got down on one knee in front of me.

I could hear my family screaming behind us as they looked on, between the tears I was able to lock eyes with him, then more tears, then look at the ring to make sure this was seriously happening, then more tears.

He asked, I said yes, and I cried some more.



Happily Ever After

As we hugged and kissed, I still cried and laughed and smiled all at the same time, I could feel his heart beating out of his chest- it was the sweetest thing! My family swooped down with congratulating hugs and I held out my hand for them to see the ring that somehow ended up on my finger.


My Uncle caught the moment & all the wonderful moments after for us, and these pictures are so so treasured!

We spent the rest of the night calling family and friends to tell them our great news! I couldn’t believe that he had the ring since May and was holding it for our trip to the lake. I couldn’t believe that his family & mine had kept such a secret- though, I’m so glad they did.

The moment was perfect, white socks & all. It was with my family, at my favorite place, at my favorite time of day, with the man of my dreams! I’m so blessed that God walked this man into my life & I cannot wait to spend forever with my best friend.

More Engagement Pictures!

My parents wanted to set up a photographer to capture the big moment, but with too many things that could have altered the timing- like the nap I decided to take at 4 p.m. that pushed back our dinner plans- I’m am glad now, that my fiance looped my Uncle in  to capture the moment- organically!

However, my parents were able to set up an engagement photo shoot for us with the wonderful Jessica Fike a few days later! We received our “sneak peek” and I’m so excited to share some of those photos with you!





Happy FriYay & let the wedding planning begin!

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