From my Hart: Fun & Functional

Did you know I can be a bit of a nerd? Well, now you do!

Nothing gets me more jazzed than a new planner or calendar! I’ve got my planner, which is my trusty go-to. I keep important personal events, as well as daily work duties in there. Without my planner, I’d be lost. I also add the personal items from my planner to my home calendar. Unfortunately, this year the calendar I purchased, didn’t allow me to write on it in the way I would have liked.

Thankfully, while picking out a planner for my boyfriend this weekend, I found some stickers that I could not pass up! These would allow me to mark the dates on our home calendar without scribbling pen all over the place.


The link to buy your own pack of these is right here! I particularly loved the variety and the consistency of the stickers. There were a ton of stickers I would use monthly, instead of just a few. As an example, lets take a look at how I’ve used them.


Just as a small example, here is what was left of May when I bought there. I love the script font for holidays. The “later” tabs, which could be used for tasks, I have adapted to mark the Thursdays in which my fiance works late!


Here is a more packed month! I’ve chosen to use the cupcakes to denote birthdays- the hot dog is to show that we are going to a ball game! Additionally, I’ve noted the holidays, anniversaries and special occasions- like my cousins graduation & a bachelorette weekend!


In addition to more holidays, there are also doctors appointment reminders! It’s not the prettiest idea I’ve had, but I used that big ol’ “work” note is used to denote when my boyfriend will work on his usual day off. That big heart is to show that we have a wedding for one of my dear friends!

I love this sticker pack! I’ve added some of the other stickers to my personal planner, like the hydration tracker! Further, I’ve used the “what’s for dinner” notes to help keep us on tract for the nights we cook for the family!

There are also little motivational stickers I put at the beginning of each week & I’ve use the fancy bullets to help keep my tasks tidy and pretty.

It’s sure not as “OCD” as I would like it, but hey- I’m learning to let go. 🙂 I think this is a great compromise, and super easy addition to keep us on track! If you love being quirky and organized, I suggest you add these stickers to your life!

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